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National Team News

Mexico sanctioned with losses, fined for Alejandro Zendejas’ call ups

Mexico lost 5 matches and gets a fine for playing with Alejandro Zendejas, who was ineligible, and the Brandon Vazquez situation is also a potential problem for Mexico.

Mexico announces squad for U17 CONCACAF Qualifiers training camp

The team will be in camp until February 4th before the 2023 U17 CONCACAF Championship in Guatemala.

New Year’s Resolutions for Mexican National Team

As we wrap up an extremely disappointing 2022, let’s think about how we can make 2023 - and beyond - better for El Tri.

2022 was one of the worst years in Mexican football history

Mexico went from failure to failure, concluding with the elimination in the group stage in Qatar.

Will Mexico fans finally appreciate the Round of 16?

R.I.P Mexico’s streak of Round of 16 qualifications (1994-2018).

Grading CONCACAF teams’ dreadful first round performance

The US were the only team in the confederation to make it out of the group stage... barely.

“Canelo” Álvarez finally corrects himself amid failed attempt at defaming Messi

The great Mexican boxer decided to course correct after taking out his World Cup frustrations on the all-time great Messi.

Mexico 2, Saudi Arabia 1: just a glimpse

Mexico finally showed what they were capable of and played their hearts out. The problem is it was too little too late.

Surprises continue showing up at World Cup; play to Mexico’s advantage

Today’s Group D results were just another case of an upset at the current World Cup.

Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia: win or go home

El Tri must defeat Saudi Arabia and depend on the Argentina-Poland result to determine whether or not they reach the knockout phase.

Because everything is a Novela, boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez makes “threat” against Lionel Messi

After a video came out of Messi kicking a Mexican NT shirt, boxer Saul Alvarez got mad and made it known on twitter.

Mexico 0, Argentina 2: Messi the great

La Albiceleste got back on track with a super goal from their star player.

Mexico vs. Argentina: the rebound

Following a WC opener loss to Saudi Arabia, Argentina will come out tougher than ever looking to get things back to normal.

Mexico extend World Cup debut undefeated streak to 7 World Cups

Mexico have not lost a World Cup opener since the 1994 edition.

Mexico 0, Poland 0: captain Ochoa

El Tri rescued a point against a tough Poland side to start their World Cup on a positive note.

Argentina 1, Saudi Arabia 2: all-time World Cup upset

A historic result in every sense has kicked off Day 3 for the 2022 World Cup.

México calls 24 to women’s national team camp

Christina Burkenroad, Rubí Soto among El Tri Femenil’s new faces meeting for a week of training in Mexico City.

Mexico vs. Poland: here we go

A truly difficult start to a World Cup, but Mexico have faced tougher before.

FMFSOM TV Club: Al Grito de Guerra EP 6: Ilusion en el Desierto

The last episode of the series talks about the current process as Mexico prepare to play in the 2022 World Cup.

Mexico continue the “curse of the final friendly”

While Mexico have enjoyed a great streak of qualifying to the Round of 16, they’ve constantly gone to the World Cup on the back of a bad result.

Mexico 1, Sweden 2: an omen

El Tri struggled to create once again with a much more orderly side and fell in their final friendly prior to their 2022 WC participation.

FMSOM TV Club: Al Grito de Guerra Ep 5: La Sombra Albiceleste

Argentina, recent nemesis of the Mexican National Football team, is the theme for the latest episode of the documentary series.

Unnecessary ruckus over Martino’s 26-man World Cup roster selection

Was Martino’s final list announcement earlier today really that life-changing?

Mexico vs. Sweden: the final test

El Tri will square off against the Swedish NT on Wednesday as they close out their World Cup preparation.

Player exhuastion is a big problem ‘Tata’ Martino and Mexico will have to fix

Hopefully the players can stay healthy as possible, even with little to no rest leading up to the World Cup.

FMFSOM TV Club: Al Grito de Guerra Ep 3: Enemigo Intimo

It’s time for the United States, Mexico’s biggest rival, to be talked about in the Vix + Docu series.

Mexico 4, Iraq 0: check

Martino’s squad took care of business early and passed their first test.

Mexico vs. Iraq: must-win

El Tri are looking to gain confidence by dealing with Iraq appropriately as they gear up for the World Cup.

FMFSOM TV Club: Al Grito de Guerra: La Maquina Alemana

Germany’s constant victories over Mexico and the last major result for Mexico’s NT are the story in the second chapter of the documentary series.

Which three strikers should be going to the World Cup? Everyone but ‘Tata’ knows the answer

With only three strikers going to Qatar, Mexico need to take their best players, but it doesn’t appear that will happen.

FMFSOM TV Club - Al Grito de Guerra: Las Batallas Bulgaras

The first episode takes us through the 1986 and 1994 World Cup and the role Bulgaria played in both.

Al Grito de Guerra: Mexican National Team Documentary released on Vix+

Clio’s 6 episode series will be about the Mexican National team’s recent history just prior to the 2022 World Cup


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