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‘Chicharito’ to Chivas not a done deal just yet

The Mexican striker does have El Rebaño as his priority, but there are still details to be worked out.

Charlotte FC v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

Since ESPN’s Sergio Dipp broke the news last Thursday that Javier Hernández was finally making his return to the team he loves most, sports media has been invaded by whether or not ‘Chicharito’ will be a good fit for Chivas and how much he can actually help lead them to their first league title since 2017. But they’ve overlooked one key detail here: the deal hasn’t even been made... yet.

And while it is more than likely Hernández reappears with his childhood club in this upcoming Clausura 2024 season (solely due to the fact it’s his priority to be in Guadalajara), the fact that on his own stream, he alluded to nothing being for certain as of yet regarding the subject has to mean something.

Hernández’s own words yesterday: “... I obviously have the desire to return to Chivas. This week my agent will be in Guadalajara. Both parts are making a big effort so we can close this (deal), but there’s nothing for certain. I have offers from other teams, but obviously my priority is to return to El Rebaño, but we know how this is...”

So, just to summarize the obvious, there are two key points here: 1 - He wants to return to Chivas, being probably the most important part to the puzzle. Anyone wanting to be anywhere can make it happen, even if it means sacrificing a bit to do it. The question with him is, how much would he be willing to sacrifice?

And 2 - He went out of his way to let everyone know nothing has been set in stone yet and he also has offers from other teams. So, that tells you there are still things to be discussed and agreed on. Otherwise he wouldn’t have put it that way. But this does take a backseat to the fact he wants to be there.

Different sources allude to ‘Chicharito’ attempting to incorporate certain clauses that might be a bit too much for Amaury Vergara, so that could be holding up the process as well. But just what those demands are from the striker are just rumors for now.

Another important detail to consider here is Chivas’ needs as a club. They’re in desperate need of a striker who can, in fact, score. It’s important to note that out of the 10 teams that made the playoffs last season, Chivas were the lowest scoring out of all of them (22 goals), and they finished 5th in the table. Also worth noting, three more teams that didn’t make the cut had better offenses as well, so that leaves Chivas as the 5th worst offense in the Apertura 2023.

And with the whole Alexis Vega drama going down, Chivas have been left without a real identity player. The impending signing of Cade Cowell appears to take care of the position hole Vega leaves, but they’re still missing a true goalscorer. Whether ‘Chicharito’ can provide that consistently at the age of 35 remains to be seen, but he most certainly would be an upgrade for this club in this league, especially considering their existing talent. So, that could also help Chivas meet Hernández’s demands to an extent.

Whatever the outcome, much will be disclosed in the coming days on the matter as Chivas gear up to host Santos on Saturday at 8:05 pm ET on opening weekend.