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In lively match, Chivas rescue a point in Tijuana

El Rebaño bounced back to get a 1-1 tie on the road in Tijuana.

Tijuana v Chivas - Torneo Clausura 2024 Liga MX Photo by Gonzalo Gonzalez/Jam Media/Getty Images

Tijuana and Chivas battled in an exciting match that ended with the score tied 1-1. Xolos were the dominant side in the first half, but Chivas bounced back to be the dominant one in the second, which meant it was a fair result.

Chivas came out with the same starting 11 than the match against Tigres last Sunday. After a great play between José Zúñiga and Domingo Blanco, it ended with the latter making a pass into the path of Carlos González, whose shot got past Rangel and into the net to score and give Xolos the 1-0 lead. Tijuana were controlling the match as they dominated a Chivas team that was severely struggling with the field conditions.

After getting the ball in the area, Fernando Beltrán sent in a great cross that was saved by Tijuana’s goalkeeper, José Antonio Rodríguez, before Macías could reach for a tap in. After getting the ball in the area, González got off a left-footed volley, but it was saved by Rangel. A cross into the area by Alan Mozo then found Roberto Alvarado, who headed the ball right to Rodríguez from close range in a bad miss as both teams exchanged approaches. The halftime whistle blew and although Chivas improved somewhat, Tijuana had a deserved lead.

The second half started with Chivas subbing out José Juan Macías, Mateo Chávez, and Víctor Guzmán for Cade Cowell, José Castillo, and Rubén González. Tijuana, in return, subbed out Diego Barbosa for Eduardo Armenta. In a bad miss, Mozo sent a cross over the head of Rodríguez and a couple of defenders, for a wide open Érick Gutiérrez who headed the ball wide with an empty net. Chivas continue with their finishing issues.

Chivas continued to threaten Tijuana’s goal to no avail, until a pass in the area that Cowell failed to control, fell into the path of Roberto Alvarado, whose left-footed shot from close range got past Rodríguez to score and give Chivas the 1-1 tie. It was a deserved result by a Chivas side that had been the better team in the second half. After multiple exchanges by both clubs trying to take the lead, Rubén González got his second yellow card and thus, a red. Despite this, Chivas would hold on and salvage the point.

It was an exciting match in which both teams fought but stumbled with their struggles. Once again, Tijuana struggled at home to maintain a lead, while Chivas continued with their finishing problems in the final third. The visitors tried to attack, but failed to convert a number of chances, the worst being a terrible miss by Gutiérrez. Still, Chivas improved somewhat from their last match against Tigres and were able to get a point, but still have a poor record with only 2 points so far in the season. Their Tuesday match against Toluca at home will be key. Tijuana continue to disappoint as they also only have two points, but once again stumbling at home. Their season opener had them losing to a Club América who had most of their starters resting back in Mexico City, while now they’ve only tied in a match they were dominating at halftime and ended up suffering to salvage the point. Manager Miguel Herrera needs to improve and they will have a tough hurdle next away to Cruz Azul.