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Chivas and Pachuca battle to a lackluster scoreless tie

Chivas and Pachuca leave their fans wanting more after battling to a 0-0 tie.

Chivas v Pachuca - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Simon Barber/Getty Images

Chivas and Pachuca left a lot to be desired in a 0-0 tie in Saturday night. Chivas failed to bounce back from a terrible Superclasico, and have increased their struggles by failing to pick the win at home. Pachuca looked better and get a pass because it was an away result, but they will curse the fact that a missed penalty kick meant they gave up two points because of it. Chivas will have a midweek match against Mazatlan at home before traveling to face Toluca on Sunday, while Pachuca will go home and face Necaxa on Saturday.

The first half started with a number of changes by Chivas from the Superclasico, including benching players like Alexis Vega, Jesus Sanchez, and Antonio Briseño. After getting a cross into the area, Ricardo Marin headed it to the center where a wide open Cristian Calderon got to the ball, but “Chicote” sent his left footed shot wide in bad miss. Ronaldo Cisneros got off a right footed shot that forced Carlos Moreno to make a good save. After getting into the area, Alan Mozo looked to have been brought down and the referee gave a penalty kick after being told to by his linesman. Replays showed that there was no contact and after going to VAR, the referee decided to call it off, in what was the correct call. A throw in into the area was cleared right to Cisneros, but his left footed shot went wide. On a longball counter, Cisneros got into the area and got off a right footed shot, but Moreno made a good move to block it. The halftime whistle blew and although Chivas was the better team, they failed to score.

The second half started with both teams coming out with the same lineups they started the match with. Celso Ortiz got a shot from outside the area that went just wide. A cross into the area was headed by Marin, but Moren made a good save and the play was called offside either way. Pachuca subbed out Bryan Gonzalez and Roberto de la Rosa for David Terans and Illian Hernandez. Chivas meanwhile subbed out Ricardo Marin for Victor Guzman. Byron Castillo later got off a right footed shot that went wide. Pachuca then subbed out Marino Hinestroza for Alexei Dominguez while Chivas subbed out Yael Padilla for Alexis Vega. After a combination play between Mozo and Roberto Alvarado, Alvarado looked to be tripped in the box but nothing was given. Castillo then got into the area and looked to be dropped by Jesus Orozco but nothing was given. Replays showed it should have been a penalty, and after going to VAR Referee Cesar Ramos awarded the penalty kick to Pachuca. Illian Hernandez stepped up to take the shot but his right footed attempt was blocked by Chivas’ goalkeeper, Miguel Jimenez. Pachuca subbed out Elias Montiel for Jahaziel Marchand while Chivas subbed out Rolando Cisneros for Juan Brigido. Alvarado later got off a left footed shot that was saved by Moreno. Vega then hit a right footed shot that Moreno saved. Brigido also had a left footed shot that Moreno made a great save on it. After Gilberto Sepulveda got called for a handball, he started a scuffle with various Pachuca players. It was the last interesting moment, as the match ended with the 0-0 score.

After an incredibly disappointing result in the Superclasico, Chivas failed to bounce back. In a very lackluster match. Chivas failed to break through a very well placed Pachuca side that was able to handle the poor attacks by Chivas. Without Guzman and Vega from the start, Chivas looked even more weak offensively than prior matches. Although Pachuca looked even worse in attack, they came closest to getting the win with the penalty that Hernandez missed. Chivas will need to improve fast as they face Mazatlan on Tuesday at home, as they hope to get out of their funk. Pachuca meanwhile will return home to face struggling Necaxa.