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After trailing twice, Pumas battles back to grab late win over Atletico San Luis

In a great match, Pumas came back to get a 3-2 victory over Atletico San Luis.

Pumas UNAM v Atletico San Luis - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

Pumas battle back after trailing twice in a match to grab a late winner and get a 3-2 victory over Atletico San Luis. San Luis remains in first place, but might lose their spot on Wednesday with the result after Pumas came back with a great second half to get the victory. Pumas got a deserved victory, led by a great second half as they continued their undefeated record at home in the Apertura 2023. Pumas will now travel to Puebla to face them on Friday while San Luis returns home to face Mazatlan that same night.

The first half started with the surprise that Gustavo del Prete was in the starting 11 for Pumas, while Juan Ignacio Dinenno was on the bench. A pass from Dieter Villalpando found Leo Boantini, but he couldn’t control the ball and Pumas’ goalkeeper Julio Gonzalez was able to get the ball off his feet. After losing the ball, Pumas opened it up for a great counter but Gonzalez went almost to the half line to clear the ball before Jhon Murillo got the chance to get a one-on-one. A good run for Pumas ended with a three-on-three and Eduardo Salvio got a shot off in the area but Unai Bilbao did a great slide that cleared the ball. Diego Klimowicz would make a great pass that would get past Gonzalez but it would be cleared by Nathan before Murillo got a chance to score on an empty net. Off of a corner kick, Julio Cesar Dominguez got off a free header that got past Gonzalez and into the net to give San Luis the 1-0 lead. There was a possible handball that wasn’t called. Salvio then got a great shot off of a free kick that forced San Luis’ goalkeeper, Diego Urtiaga to make a great save. Although Pumas tried, San Luis did a good job defensively and took the 1-0 lead to halftime.

The second half started with a cross into the area where Cesar Huerta crossed the ball back to Gabriel Fernandez, who seemed to be dropped by Javier Guemez in the area and a penalty kick was given to Pumas. Replays showed that it wasn’t a penalty, and it was overturned. Klimowicz then got off a great right footed shot from outside the area but Gonzalez made a good save. Pumas subbed out Gustavo del Prete (who once again was awful) and Rodrigo Lopez for Juan Ignacio Dinenno and Ulises Rivas. San Luis meanwhile subbed out Mateo Klimowicz for Juan Castro. A cross into the area found Dieter Villalpando after a Pumas defensive mistake, who got a header in but Gonzalez luckily was able to save it. Then a great counter attack had Salvio get into the area after a great pass by Huerta. He then crossed the ball into the area where Juan Ignacio Dinenno got a shot from close range past Urtiaga to score, giving Pumas the 1-1- tie. Minutes later a pass into the area had Dinenno get off a shot in the area that Urtiaga saved but bounced it off a San Luis defender, as the ball went just wide, coming close to being an own goal. San Luis subbed out Bonatini for Vitinho, while Pumas subbed out Pablo Monrroy for Pablo Bennevendo. Off of a corner kick, Dinenno got a close range header that went wide. Then off of an attack, a cross into the area found a wide open Vitinho, who got off a great header that went past Gonzalez, hit the post and went into the net to score and give San Luis the 2-1 lead. After a scramble in the area, Dinenno got a left footed shot that Urtiaga saved. A cross into the area fell to Cesar Huerta, who then made a good move and got off a great left footed shot that went past Urtiaga and into the net to score a great goal that tied the match at 2-2. Pumas subbed out Adrian Aldrete for Cristian Tabo. Huerta later got off a shot from inside the area that forced Urtiaga to make a save. San Luis subbed out Dieter Villalpando for Andres Iniestra. Murillo then got off a left footed shot but it went wide. Then after given the time, Lisandro Magallan got a great cross in the area, that Gabriel Fernandez brilliantly headed it past Urtiaga to score the goal and give Pumas the 3-2 lead. They would hold on to complete the great comeback and get the three points.

Pumas had to fight back, but they got a deserved win against a good team like San Luis but the home side had been the better team. Pumas had been unlucky especially when San Luis scored the 2-1, when they were dominating the match. Still Pumas has been a lot better team at home than on the road and proved it again especially in the second half. Coach Antonio Mohammed still needs to improve in things and should question if he should still give starts to Gustavo Del Prete, who has been really poor this season and who has turned the fans against him. Atletico San Luis came in as the leader of Liga MX but America’s crushing win in the Superclasico has them two points out of first place, which they can reach after facing Queretaro in a postponed match from week 2. San Luis will go home to face Mazatlan while Pumas will have to travel against struggling Puebla in a prime chance to get their first road win since their season opener against Tijuana. Both matches will be played on Friday.