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What happened to Club America and what’s next?

The Águilas were once again eliminated in humiliating fashion at home and now it’s all about looking toward the next season.

America v Chivas - Playoffs Torneo Clausura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

It’s been over a week since Club América were eliminated from the liguilla and there are more questions than answers. What should have been the season that ended with the 14th title instead ended in a humiliating loss at home to rival Chivas and the resignation of Fernando ‘Tano’ Ortiz. Now fans everywhere are demanding answers as the new season approaches, and this time they want a coach who will actually bring home the 14th.

América had a slow start to the season which didn’t leave fans worried at all, considering they’ve had slow starts before and would still end the season at the top of the table. This end of season was special for the Águilas considering they were the best offense in the league with 36 goals and striker Henry Martin won the scoring title with 14 goals to his name. All the signs pointed towards the coveted 14th trophy where the club would hold bragging rights as the best club in Mexico, and ‘Tano’ Ortiz would be the one to say he did it. Unfortunately, this was not to be, as the team once again crashed out in the semifinals, but this time fans made their displeasure with the club very clear. Some of that decreased when ‘Tano’ Ortiz announced that his cycle with the club had ended during the postgame press conference, effective immediately.

The Argentinian helped the team come back from a disastrous start to the Clausura 2022 after he was named the interim manager and eventually the results won him the job permanently. The issues with Ortiz began last season during the Apertura 2022, when the team was again eliminated from the liguilla, making it three consecutive seasons with said fate. He also played a big part in the most recent loss at home when it was their game to win. Instead of playing for more goals, he parked the bus just as Chivas were becoming more energized and dangerous. Even taking out almost every attacking player for defenders couldn’t stop Chivas and they were able to win the game after some very bad tactics on Ortiz’s part. It was a bit of a surprise, honestly, when Ortiz handed in his resignation, but maybe it was for the best considering he now has three consecutive failures in his one-year tenure with the club.

Now it’s about finding the right coach that can build a team that will finally win a title after years without one. The last time they won a title was back in December 2018 with Miguel Herrera at the helm. Since then, it’s been heartbreak after heartbreak for a team that is held at a very high standard. Even without a head coach at the moment, there are gears turning. There have been rumors Kevin Alvarez from Pachuca will come to Mexico City while Federico Viñas will be heading to Club León, which is a good idea since the striker has not been fit for the club for a while.

Brining in Alvarez will help bolster the defense which has improved thanks to the signing of Israel Reyes before the start of the Clausura. All that would be left is to bring in a new head coach, and the list of names rumored to be heading over isn’t short. It feels as if there’s a new name every other day. There isn’t much time left as the Apertura 2023 is fast approaching and the new coach will be under tons of pressure. The fan base isn’t happy with the recent results, and if the club doesn’t win the title this upcoming season, the new name might not be around for very long.