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Tapatío strike first with win over Morelia in Liga de Expansión final

Two long range goals gave the visitors a huge 2-1 victory to kick off the final series.

via @TapatioCD

Club Tapatío got a huge win after defeating Morelia by a 2-1 score in the first leg of the 2023 Clausura season. Tapatío traveled to Morelia and got the victory that now has them in prime position to win the championship. The home side came into the match with 3 suspended players after their chaotic 2nd leg semifinal defeat of superlideres Celaya and paid for it dearly as they will now need to pull off another away victory on Saturday just as they did against Celaya.

The match kicked off and Tapatío had a couple of close chances, but failed to score. Morelia started to gain possession but Tapatío would strike first. From outside the area, Juan Brigido would get off a great shot that went past Morelia’s goalkeeper Santiago Ramirez and into the net to give the away team the 1-0 lead. After a pass into the area, the visitors’ keeper Eduardo Garcia tried to make a move that led to a clash with Morelia’s Luis Perez, but no foul was given even though it looked like a possible PK. A cross into the area almost turned into an own goal when Diego Campillo cleared it just inches over the post. Off a free kick, a shot from Kaleth Hernandez forced Garcia to make a good save. Then, after a bad clearance, Juan Brigido got off an incredible left footed shot that went past Ramirez for another goal that gave Tapatío the 2-0 lead. It was a great goal and looked to have shocked both Morelia and the home crowd as well as Tapatío players who were late to celebrate it. The home side tried to respond with Jonny Uchuari getting into the area, but his shot went wide. Later, a cross from Omar Islas turned into a shot that would hit the post. Tapatío took an a surprising 2 goal lead to halftime.

The second half was under way with Morelia subbing out Kaleth Hernandez for Edwin Quezada. After Perez got into the area, he was dropped by a Tapatio defender and a PK was given. Jonny Uchuari stepped up and got it past Garcia to cut the lead to 2-1. Off a corner, Islas got a free header, but his shot was cleared near the line by a Tapatío defender. Campillo would later make an incredible save by clearing a ball before a Morelia player got to it inches from the goal. Morelia attempts resulted in nothing as Tapatío did well in controlling them and securing a very important win.

Tapatío took advantage of Morelia’s woes to grab an important away victory that has them in a great position to win the 2023 Clausura title. The visitors were the better team and got a deserved result, although helped by Morelia’s suspended players from their Celaya series, especially missing out on Bryan Mendoza. Morelia will need to repeat that effort sans the violence as they face an inspired rival. Meanwhile, Tapatío need to concentrate on avoiding Celaya’s actions, playing overconfident and reckless at times, which Morelia can make them pay for dearly as they’ll get the boost of the return of their suspended players.