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Chivas easily defeats lackluster Santos at home

Chivas got a 2-0 win over a Santos side that lasted only 45 minutes.

Chivas v Santos Laguna - Torneo Clausura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Chivas got their fourth straight victory after getting an easy win over Santos by a 2-0 score. This was Chivas’ easiest win of the season against a Santos side that was a no show in the second half as they continue to struggle, while Chivas looks to be on the up and up. Chivas will travel to Puebla for their last match before their biggest game of the season, the Superclasico. Meanwhile Santos will return home and face a must win match against Tijuana.

The first half started with both teams coming out with their best 11. The match started out very chippy, with a lot of stoppages because of fouls from both teams. Fernando Beltran was given time and space to get off a right footed shot that hit the post. Minutes later a cross into the area found a wide open Victor Guzman, who headed the ball past Santos’ goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo for the 1-0 lead. It was a terrible defensive mistake from Santos, who allowed Guzman to head the ball from close range in an easy opportunity for the home side. Santos responded with a free kick that turned into a shot that was saved by Chivas’ goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez. The rebound fell to Raul “Dedos” Lopez, but his left footed shot went well wide, in a bad miss for Santos. Chivas came close to scoring when a header by Guzman hit the post and bounced into the path of Ronaldo Cisneros, whose header was incredibly saved by Acevedo. The ball then bounced off Cisneros and into Guzman, who scored but the goal was called off after it was correctly ruled that Cisneros had handled the ball when it bounced off him. On a free kick, Guzman got off an excellent shot that went just inches wide of the post. A long shot from Alan Mozo was just out of reach of a deflection from Cisneros and was then saved by Acevedo, although the ref failed to see it and gave a goal kick to Santos instead of a corner kick to Chivas. A cross into the area was then headed by Hugo Rodriguez and it went just wide. Off a corner kick, the ball was cleared out but Fernando Beltran got an incredible shot from outside the area that was deflected by Matheus Doria and went past Acevedo for the goal and the 2-0 lead. It was an unlucky play for Santos, but Beltran did a good job of taking the opportunity to get of a shot and volley the ball in the air. Javier Correa then almost scored a great goal after a half bicycle kick in the area, but the ball went wide and had it gone in, would have been offside.

The second half started with Santos subbing out Raul Lopez for Diego Medina, while Chivas subbed out Daniel Rios for Carlos Cisneros. After Santos gifted the ball to Chivas, Ruben Gonzalez got off a shot that was saved by Acevedo. Chivas wasted a great chance when a pass in the area found Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado, but incredibly he tried to dribble past a defender instead of shooting and the ball was taken off his feet. Chivas subbed out Ronaldo Cisneros and Ruben Gonzalez for Jose Gonzalez and Sergio Flores. Santos wasted a great chance when Correa had a wide open shot at an empty net, but he sent his shot well wide. Santos then subbed out Jair Gonzalez and Lucas Gonzalez for Oscar Manzanarez and Santiago Muñoz. After a good combination play, Carlos Cisneros got off a right footed shot from outside the area that forced another save from Acevedo. Chivas subbed out Fernando Beltran and Victor Guzman for Pavel Perez and Alan Torres. On a corner kick, Cisneros got a header that was easily saved by Acevedo. Santos subbed out Javier Correa for Emerson Rodriguez. A great cross off a free kick by Alvarado was almost headed for an own goal by Harold Preciado. Alvarado got off a left footed shot that Acevedo saved. A cross would fall to Muñoz, whose shot was saved by Jimenez. Off a free kick, the ball once again fell to Muñoz, whose shot was saved again by Jimenez. It would still be too little and way too late and Chivas held on for their fourth straight win.

Chivas climbed all the way to third place after a very solid win against a Santos side that looked very poor especially in the second half. Santos came out after halftime as if the team was leading and although Chivas subbed players to hold on to the result and didn’t particularly went on the offense, they still had most of the possessions and chances and forced Santos’ goalkeeper to make a number of saves. Chivas has improved, although their constant plan of sitting back defensively as they hold on to their leads might backfire. They will travel to Puebla on Friday before returning home to face their biggest match of the season, the Superclasico against America. Santos is struggling, and will need to get a win in their match against Xolos at home next Sunday.