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America send Chivas crashing back down in a great edition of the Superclásico

Their 4-2 victory proved who was the overly superior team.

Chivas v America - Torneo Clausura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Chivas were sent crashing back down to earth by their biggest rival as America got a 4-2 victory in a vibrant edition of the Superclásico. The Águilas were the better team and took advantage of Chivas’ terrible defensive mishaps from the start, getting key goals to bounce to a 3-0 lead at halftime. The final score might have been even more scandalous if not for two late goals that didn’t make much of a difference for a Chivas team that were terribly disappointing.

Both teams came out with their best lineup as expected for the most important regular season game in Liga MX. The good news for Chivas was that Alexis Vega had been deemed healthy enough to be on the bench for the match. Two minutes in, a great combination play by Jonathan Rodriguez allowed Diego Valdes to get into the area and fire off a shot that hit the post. Twice America had 2 v 2 counter that Chivas were able to clear, but showed the danger their defense was exposed to. Then, after a great pass, once again Jonathan Rodriguez was given time and space and this time his shot got past Chivas’ goalkeeper Luis Jimenez for the goal and the 1-0 lead. El Rebaño would respond when America failed to clear a ball in the area and Roberto Alvarado got off a great shot that was brilliantly saved by America’s goalkeeper, Luis Malagon.

America would take advantage of another counter and Valdes made a pass into the area where Jonathan Rodriguez made a great play of his own to get himself open in the area, firing a low shot past Jimenez for the goal and the 2-0 lead. Chivas’ players protested that there was a foul on Alan Mozo (who was having a terrible game) but nothing was given. Almost immediately, America got the ball back in the area and another terrible job defending in the area by the home team resulted in the ball falling to Leonardo Suarez who’s strong attempt got past Jimenez and two Chivas defenders to score the goal and take a commanding 3-0 lead. And they almost had another one, but the shot went right to Jimenez. The halftime whistle blew and it appeared America had settled things with a commanding lead.

The second half started with Chivas subbing out Ronaldo Cisneros for Alexis Vega. A minute in, Vega made a foul that got him a yellow card. Soon after, a cross into the area found a wide open Henry Martin, who got a good header past Jimenez for the goal and the 4-0 lead. Chivas responded with a cross into the area by Mozo that was missed by Alvarado, but Emilio Lara incredibly headed the ball past Malagon for an own goal and placed the score at 4-1. Off a corner kick, America failed to clear the ball and the cross into the area was headed back by Cristian Calderon and found Sergio Flores, who easily headed the ball over Malagon for another goal. and just like that Chivas had cut the difference in half, making the score 4-2. There were claims that there might have been a foul but after going to VAR, nothing was given.

A 1 vs 1 between Martin and Jimenez had the striker going past him, but Jimenez would block the ball and then it see it bounce into his hands. A pass into the area found Salvador Reyes, but he failed to control the ball in what was a possible 1 vs 1. In the end, it wasn’t enough for Guadalajara, and to make things worse for them, Victor Guzman (who was a no show), got a straight red card for arguing with the refs after the whistle, meaning he’ll miss the Clasico Tapatio against Atlas.

America rose to the occasion and took advantage of the great level of play from Jonathan Rodriguez (a constant against Chivas), as well as their rival’s terrible defensive display, especially from Alan Mozo. The win is a big boost for them and a terrible hit to Chivas and their fans, who had been overconfident because of their recent results, but were shown their reality on Saturday night. To make things worse, they’ll miss Victor Guzman for their very important match against Atlas, which now grows in importance after losing the Superclasico. America will have a friendly during the international break against Santos and then return home to face Leon when Liga MX returns to action in a couple weeks.