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Liga MX Femenil Week 10: five things to look forward to

We’ve passed the midway point of the season and this weekend brings lots of action along with some very interesting matchups.

Face to face: Katty Martínez will have the task to score against the team where she became the ‘Killer.’
Face to face: Katty Martínez will have the task to score against the team where she became the ‘Killer.’
Credit: MEXSPORT - Adrian Macias

Katty Martínez will go against Tigres. Chivas will strive to stop Eva Espejo’s Rayadas. Juárez will do their best to go on after the bump in the road they hit last week in Guanajuato. Tijuana will seek some consistency against Necaxa. Tuzas just want to leave their bad game against Rayadas in the past and win again.

All that and more is what awaits us this week in Liga MX Femenil.

Will Juárez go back to their jogo bonito ways?

Milagros Martínez’s Juárez lost their ways a little since they came back from the latest international break. Moreover, they reached their lowest point in the season last week when they lost against León. That day, the squad was back together again after Miah Zuazua was suspended for one match and Myra Delgadillo missed a game due to injury. But far from looking good, the team was disjointed. For example, Zuazua couldn’t connect with her teammates as she usually does and Jasmine Cázares didn’t have the impact she usually has on the right flank.

Maybe Jermaine Seoposenwe and Chata Hernández were two players who didn’t look lost in that game, but the rest of the team was just off.

Juárez needs to find the North again.
Juárez needs to find the North again.
Christian Chavez - MEXSPORT

Will they be able to go back to the well-oiled machine we got used to seeing in the first half of the season? They’re playing Atlético de San Luis on Friday, a team that is one point shy of Liguilla positioning, so it won’t be easy. Maybe the fact Juárez are playing at home can help them in that regard.

The game will be broadcasted by Fox Sports and will kick off at 9:06 PM ET.

Chivas vs. Monterrey

Chivas will host Rayadas on Sunday at the Akron. No. 1 and 2 will clash in a match where Monterrey are unbeaten with a perfect record; they’ve played nine games and won all of them. Chivas are two points shy of that and will have to play without their goalscorer and captain, Licha Cervantes, due to injury.

Without Licha but with Caro Jaramillo, Chivas will aspire to stop Monterrey.
Without Licha but with Caro Jaramillo, Chivas will aspire to stop Monterrey.
Credit where is due

Word on the street is that the Chivas fan favorite will be available for the Clásico against América in Week 11, but we’ll have to wait and see. So far, Guadalajara have managed to remain unbeaten. They’ve won all of their games except for their Toluca scoreless draw in Week 5.

Maybe this Guadalajara doesn’t have a showy style of play, but they’re getting results. Will they be able to find the chink in Rayadas’ armor?

The game will be broadcasted on Fox Sports on Sunday at 7 PM ET.

Tigres vs. América

Two great teams in two different stages of their development will clash on Monday night at the Uni.

Carmelina Moscato’s squad come into this game trying to prove that those three losses in four matches were just part of a bad streak and nothing else. What’s more, they’re playing at home and don’t want to disappoint their fans who are already annoyed by the latest results.

Meanwhile, América will come to this match empowered after beating Atlas 5-0 last week. True, they won’t have either Scarlett Camberos or Kiana Palacios available, but coach Villacampa has found a way to make it work without them. With Sarah Luebbert being an unstoppable force on the right flank, Natalia Mauleón and her magic touch, and Katty Martínez going back to her killer form, Club América are a force to be reckoned with.

Vix+ will stream the game and it kicks off at 9 PM ET.

Necaxa vs. Tijuana

Yes, all of us got emotional after seeing the Centellas’ first win of the tournament. And if you didn’t, you have no heart. I don’t make the rules, but that team is like the poor kid in the neighborhood who can’t catch a break. So when they finally do, you have no choice but to feel happy for them.

Necaxa got their first win of the season against Cruz Azul.
Necaxa got their first win of the season against Cruz Azul.
Necaxa Femenil

Tijuana, on the other hand, come from a historic win against Tigres. But, if there’s something we can say about these Perrísimas, it’s that they’re very inconsistent. They can play very well in one week and then all the contrary in the next.

And that’s where the beauty of this game resides. The result can go both ways. Tijuana can have a bad day and end up losing against these Centellas, who have proven they can make the most of an opportunity.

This match will be streamed on VixZonaMX and will kick off at 7 PM ET.

Pachuca vs. Mazatlán

One might think it’s safe to say Tuzas won’t lose against the penultimate team in the table. The Cañoneras have four points in the tournament so far thanks to a win against Tijuana and a draw against Santos last week.

The thing is, Pachuca come from a very tough loss against Rayadas de Monterrey. What was supposed to be a pretty even match, ended up being a 0-5 blood bath. So, it’ll be interesting to see how and if Tuzas can rise from the ashes against a team that should be ‘easier’ to beat than many others.

On the other hand, Mazatlán will want to take advantage of Pachuca’s low spirits. Goalkeeper Jen Amaro will do her utmost to make that happen. Losses aside, she’s been one of the highlights of Mazatlán this season. Last week, she made 9 saves against Santos, a league high for the week.

Do not miss the last game of Week 10. If you can’t attend in person, you can watch it on Fox Sports. Kick off is at 7:06 PM ET.