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No pity; América pummel Atlas at the Azteca

América Femenil showed no mercy to the Rojinegras and scored 5 on them. Katty Martínez is, little by little, returning to her Killer form.

América’s players had themselves a game. Credit: MEXSPORTS
América’s players had themselves a game. Credit: MEXSPORTS

Both América and Atlas came into this match trying to leave a painful loss behind. In the case of the hosts, they lost 0-3 in a friendly celebrated in California against Angel City. Meanwhile, Atlas lost in the Clásico Tapatío against their nemesis, Chivas.

América proved to be too strong for their opponent with Katty Martínez being the Killer teams learned to fear and Tigres’ fans love. In Atlas’ case, it was a game to forget.

Fast start for América

Not three minutes into the match, forward Katty Martínez scored the first goal of the game. Everything was initiated with a long pass from the right side of the field by Karen Luna. Martínez showed good skills to bring the ball down with her shoulder and finish with one touch.

Coach Ángel Villacampa gave young goalkeeper Itzel Velasco the chance to start and she did well with a great save at minute 5.

Velasco wasn’t the only one who showed off some skills in this match. One of the youngest on the team, Nati Mauleón, had a great game too. She was a nightmare for Atlas during her entire time on the field. With her quick feet and skills, she left behind more than one defender, more than once.

Also, Katty Martínez was on fire and joined the fun with her skills.

There was a clear pattern for the Águilas in the attack. They used mostly the right wing, with Karen Luna and Sarah Luebbert going in and out of the half spaces to pull the defenders in with them and help other teammates find room to shoot.

That’s pretty clear in this goal scored by Andrea Pereira that the referee called off. It’s a shame because the build-up was pretty good.

The ball was totally dominated by América, who by the end of the first half were 3-0 up thanks to a hat-trick scored by Katty Martínez.

Over and over again, the center backs left way too much space for the attackers to occupy. And Martínez, who can smell a goal opportunity miles away, didn’t waste those chances.

Natalia Mauleón in all her glory

If there was a player Mexicans were screaming for to coach Villacampa so she could have her opportunity, it was Nati Mauleón. The 21-year-old didn’t have much time on the field last season, but that has changed this year. And no wonder, because she’s on a whole new level.

Besides her skills, she scored a nice goal only two minutes into the second half. True, the defender trying to cover her from behind is having a “what’s she doing?” moment, but still, the finishing by Mauleón was pretty good.

Mauleón scored a brace when at minute 60 she buried a ball Martínez sent to the penalty spot. The young goalscorer was waiting among the center backs, received the ball, and finished it.

Atlas were all over the place on Monday night. Their defense had many holes in it, always leaving players unmarked.

Atlas defense. It was a miracle América didn’t Credit: Club América
Atlas defense. It was a miracle América didn’t score more on them.
Club América

América broke a barrier

The stats say the Águilas couldn’t beat Atlas since the beginning of the existence of the league. About this, coach Villacampa said: “We wanted to play a great match today and more so at the Azteca Stadium because I think playing here is always special. Moreover, we got a victory over Atlas when we knew that we haven’t been able to beat them yet. Today we did it despite the fatigue accumulated from the last few days.”

The coach also referred to Alison González who’s suffering from a calf injury. He said that the player will join training this week but they won’t force her return because muscle injuries are always tricky and that’s why they want to be cautious.

He also referred to Scarlett Camberos, saying that they miss her because she’s their captain, but the situation she’s in is delicate and they want to give her the time she needs.

Next week, América have another difficult game at hand. They play Tigres at the Uni. According to Villacampa, they’ll take some days to rest and then get back at it.