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Club America leave Atletico de San Luis visit with all three points

The Aguilas had no major issues wrapping up another victory. Now they head home for their Sunday match with Tijuana.

Atletico San Luis v America - Torneo Clausura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Ricardo Hernandez/Jam Media/Getty Images

America handled business Tuesday night, defeating Atletico San Luis and taking home all three points in a double-header matchweek. While there were some minor issues at various points, America were able to clean things up thanks to a brace by Henry Martin and a goal from Diego Valdes. The Aguilas now head home to welcome Tijuana Sunday night while Atletico de San Luis will need to clean up many issues as they prepare to host Santos Laguna Saturday night.

With it being a double-header matchweek, it wouldn’t be surprising if ‘Tano’ Ortiz went with a different lineup in order to get more rest for his players. The lineup was similar to the lineup from Saturday, except Leo Suarez and Miguel Layun replaced Roger Martinez and Emilio Lara, respectively. It was a surprise Suarez took over for Martinez considering Brian Rodriguez could have taken the starting role instead. It wasn’t a surprise Layun was in the starting position because he seems to be a coach favorite, but not with fans considering he’s been average at best and has not regained his previous level of play. In the end, these two changes worked.

It only took nine minutes for America to settle in and open the scoring. To no surprise, it was Henry Martin who scored goal #76 which helped him into the top 10 goal scorers in club history.

Six minutes later and it looked like America went up by another goal thanks to Diego Valdes. However, after a VAR check, the goal was rightfully overturned because the ball touched Valdes’ hand before it went into the goal. While it was a disappointment for America, it was a relief for San Luis who realized they could still equalize, which they did in the 34th minute.

Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodriguez attempted to clear a ball out that was in their own territory, and unfortunately did not clear correctly. Instead, the ball landed directly into a San Luis player, Javier Guemez, who sent the ball into the box where Leo Bonatini was there to score. The disallowed goal from Valdes earlier no doubt haunted the Aguilas at that moment, but that feeling did not stay long as Valdes was able to redeem himself right before the end of the half.

Layun went up the right side and when he looked up, he saw Valdes head into the box and did not hesitate to send the ball his way, leaving Valdes to just finish. It was no issue and Valdes beat Marcelo Barovero to end the half 2-1.

Even though America were up a goal to begin the second and were the dominant team, one slip up by the defense would mean another San Luis equalizer. This is what was close to happening as San Luis spent the first 15 minutes of the half attacking nonstop. They hit America with everything they had and if it weren’t for goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez, the Aguilas would’ve found themselves in a tough spot. During those 15 minutes, America were barely able to generate any attacks. Leo Suarez had a chance in the 53rd minute, but that ended pretty quickly as San Luis were able to shut it down. With how everything was playing out, it seemed as if a goal was coming soon. Unfortunately for San Luis, that goal was not in their favor.

A long ball was sent in and San Luis’ defense could not clear correctly and instead sent the ball directly to the feet of Henry Martin. The striker did not hesitate and kicked the ball towards goal from outside the box. It was goal #77 for the forward and his ninth of the season.

From there, San Luis lost their spark and just focused on trying not to let in a fourth goal. They had some moments, but for the most part did not reignite that spark until the 80th minute. Once again, San Luis were attacking America from all sides and it looked like a goal was coming their way. Oscar Jimenez made save after save that surely would have gone in otherwise. That all ended once stoppage time started and the home team got desperate, taking away any shot they had since there were only six minutes left to pull off a miracle. San Luis were close to at least getting back a goal in the last minute of stoppage time as they scored, but it was called back due to offsides. Once VAR was able to determine the goal did not count, the referee called the game and the Aguilas took the victory.

These past two matches have been positive for America as they have taken all six points despite a slow start to the season. These two consecutive wins are important as they head home to await Xolos. The same can’t be said for Atletico de San Luis who await Santos Laguna, a team that has pleasantly surprised everyone over the last few seasons with an incredible run.