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Mexico drawn in Group B of 2024 Copa America in mistake riddled draw

After a couple of mistakes in the draw, Mexico is grouped with Ecuador, Venezuela, and Jamaica.

CONMEBOL Copa America 2024 Official Draw Photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images

Mexico has been drawn in Group B for the 2024 Copa America along with Ecuador, Venezuela, and Jamaica. The 2024 Copa America draw was held in Miami, and was riddled with mistakes that hampered three of the groups, including group B. The rules prior to the competition meant that only up to three CONMEBOL teams and two CONCACAF teams could be in a single group. With three CONCACAF teams in Pot 4, it was where there might have to take into effect that rule and it did, but they whiffed on it. With Group C having the United States as the seeded team and Panama in Pot 3, Bolivia should have been sent straight to Group C. When Bolivia was drawn in Group B however, the event hosts placed it in the group. Jamaica was then drawn into Group C, and the winner of the Costa Rica/Honduras playoff into Group D. The hosts then suddenly realized the mistake that had three CONCACAF teams drawn in Group C, but instead of correcting it, they just switched Bolivia to Group C and the Costa Rica/Honduras playoff winner to Group B when they should have switched Jamaica to Group C but Jamaica to Group B, as they were the third team drawn and the playoff winner was the last. They finally corrected things, and Mexico got their finished Group B.

Mexico will open their group play by facing Jamaica on June 22 in NRG Stadium in Houston. They will then travel to Los Angeles to play against Venezuela on June 26 in SoFi Stadium, then closing out their group stage play by facing Ecuador on June 30th in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona just outside Phoenix. Should Mexico finish in first or second place in the group, they will face the winner or second place finisher of Group A in the Quarterfinal. Group A has Argentina, Peru, Chile, and the winner of the Canada/Trinidad and Tobago playoff series. Should they finish in second place, they will return to Houston but should they win the group, they will play in AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Either way, a trip to Texas will happen for Mexico should they qualify to the Quarterfinal. Mexico almost ended up with an repeat of the 2016 Copa America group, the last time the tournament was played in the United States and the last time Mexico played in Copa America. The only change was Mexico facing Ecuador instead of Uruguay like in 2016. To make matters stranger, they also faced a team from the group were Argentina was seeded, when they infamously lost to Chile by a 7-0 score. Who is the only team in Argentina’s group that was also in Argentina’s group in 2016? Chile. Mexico has twice finished in second place (1993, 2001), and three times finished in third place (1997, 1999, 2007) in Copa America and will hope to finally win the tournament, although it will be a very tough task to compete.