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Even the rain not enough to slow down América; crush Pachuca 4-0

It looks like the Aguilas are taking flight at just the right time.

America v Pachuca - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Club América had no problem handling Pachuca during a double matchday week as they put 4 goals past the visitors. Players from both sides saw limited minutes as not to overload them with games still to come this weekend.

The rain was pouring before kickoff, but even that didn’t stop the action at the Azteca. The Águilas got the action started in the second minute as Alvaro Fidalgo took a shot that went just wide. America had another chance a minute later after they were awarded a corner that Pachuca eventually cleared out. Tuzos had their first chance in the seventh minute, but that shot also went wide. The Aguilas then countered when Leo Suarez took the ball up the side and attempted to pass the ball off to Henry Martin, who was in the box waiting to just flick the ball into the back of the net. Unfortunately for them, the Pachuca defense was well positioned and were able to stop the ball from reaching the feet of Martin. Just two minutes later, Alejandro Zendejas attempted his own shot but Emilio Rodriguez was there to stop him.

By the 25th minute, the rain started coming down even harder, and it was evident there were parts of the field where the ball wasn’t rolling perfectly. Due to the condition of the field, both teams needed to be careful, especially the defense where a pass back to the goalkeeper could end badly. The rest of the half saw the Águilas with more chances at goal than Pachuca. The Tuzos held on as long as they could, but then the 42nd minute rolled around.

Leo Suarez was fouled right outside the box by Gustavo Cabral who kicked the youngster in the foot which earned him a yellow card. Suarez then took the shot himself, and goalkeeper Carlos Moreno initially stopped the shot, but was unable to hold onto the ball. However, Martin was there to push it in and open the scoring. While giving up a goal right before the half was not ideal, Pachuca were only down one and if they regrouped correctly they would be able to bounce back in the second half.

América almost opened the second half with another goal as Martin received a ball into the box, but he was not able to get his head on the end of it. The next minute, Pachuca had their first chance of the half as they were awarded a corner that was cleared out by the América defense. In the past, the Águilas have suffered on set pieces, but this time they were able to clear the danger out immediately. A few minutes later, the Tuzos had another opportunity for a goal when Elias Montiel was fouled outside the box by Fidalgo. If he hadn’t been fouled, it was highly possible the visitors would’ve equalized. The eventual shot was then blocked by Luis Angel Malagon. A few minutes later, just as the Pachuca offense had gotten going, they were delivered a heavy blow as América doubled their lead.

Martin got the ball in the midfield, and as he ran up the field, he passed the ball off to a wide open Zendejas. The Pachuca defense scrambled to stop him, but it was too late as Zendejas went into the box and got his shot into the back of the net. The first goal was an error by the goalkeeper and the second was an error by the defense who were not properly marking. The next 10 minutes were spent with América running through the Pachuca defense, but they could not capitalize on their chances. By the 70th minute, both sides made multiple changes so the players could rest as there was a short turnaround on their next game. Marino Hinestroza almost made an immediate impact a minute after being subbed in as he had one of the best chances for Pachuca all night, but his shot went just wide. From there, the Tuzos’ night went from bad to worse. In the 78th minute, Julian Quiñones was subbed on for Henry Martin and almost scored in his first few touches. Pachuca had their own chance a few minutes later, but once again Malagon was there to make the save. It wasn’t until the 87th minute that Quiñones finally got his goal.

Pachuca keeper Moreno received a back pass right outside of the box and instead of clearing it out of danger, he cost Pachuca another goal. As Moreno got the ball, Quiñones ran up to him which caused him to panic and Quiñones took it away and put it in the back of the net. Another goalkeeper error gave America another goal. Then, in stoppage time, another error gave the Águilas their fourth and final goal.

In the last minute of the game, Jonathan ‘Cabecita’ Rodriguez ran up the side of the field where he passed the ball off to Quiñones who immediately passed the ball back to him and ‘Cabecita’ had no problem putting the ball past Moreno. The Tuzos defense failed to continue to mark ‘Cabecita’ even though he no loner had the ball. After he sent the pass off, no player marked ‘Cabecita’ which is what Quiñones saw and that’s why he was able to get the ball to his teammate, who then slotted it past the Pachuca goalkeeper. All four goals were critical errors by the Pachuca defense who now have to shake off this horrible loss as they will try to salvage points in their next matchup which looks unlikely considering they will face Tigres. Club América on the other hand, have slowly built momentum and are finally looking like the big threat everyone was expecting.