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Chivas surprises Toluca as they bounce back to get an away tie

Toluca and Chivas battled to a 1-1 tie in a match where they home side should have gotten a better result.

Toluca v Chivas - Torneo Apertura 2023 Liga MX Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Chivas bounced back after a bad loss against Mazatlan to grab an away point against Toluca with a 1-1 tie. Toluca fans however will not be pleased at how Toluca only tied after a dominating performance in the first half against a Chivas team who scored in their only true chance they had in the match. Chivas is still in crisis mode but can earn some hope before facing their second biggest match of the regular season on Saturday against Atlas, while Toluca will have a tough match on Wednesday against Tigres before going home to face Queretaro on Sunday.

The game started with the news that Chivas gave the start to goalkeeper Raul Rangel instead of Miguel Jimenez. A shot from Jean Meneses was bobbled by Rangel, but he was able to get to the rebound before a Toluca attacker could get to it. A cross from Maximiliano Araujo then found Pedro Raul, whose close range header was brilliantly saved by Rangel. A cross by Araujo was deflected by Rangel after Raul couldn’t get to it. Juan Gamboa was able to get to it, but sent his volley wide, missing an open net chance. Chivas would do the same when a cross into the area was headed wide on close range by Ricardo Marin, in a terrible miss. A great shot from outside the area by Marcel Ruiz forced Rangel to make another big save. Then on the ensuing corner kick, a wide Valber Huerta got a wide open header but sent it wide in a bad miss. A great cross by Ruiz was headed wide from close range by Raul. On a counter, a cross was headed just wide by Roberto Alvarado. Later Ronaldo Cisneros got off a right footed shot that went wide. After a play in the area, it looked like Raul got brought down by Gilberto Sepulveda, but nothing was given.

The second half started with Toluca subbing out Pedro Raul for Edgar Lopez. The matchup became quickly like the first half, with Toluca dominating possession while Chivas sat back. Chivas subbed out Ronaldo Cisneros for Isaac Brizuela. A great pass into the box allowed Edgar Lopez get into the area between the two center backs, Jesus Orozco and Sepulveda. Lopez got off a left footed shot that went past Rangel and into the net to score and give Toluca the 1-0 lead. Toluca then subbed out Juan Gamboa for Robert Morales. A cross into the area found a wide open Antonio Briseño, who headed it wide. A cross into the area from Alan Mozo, was headed brilliantly by Ricardo Marin and went past Toluca’s goalkeeper Tiago Volpi to give Chivas the 1-1 equalizer. It was entirely against the run of play, but it was a good play from Marin. A pass into the area found Meneses, but his right footed shot went wide. Chivas then subbed out injured Jesus Orozco for Raul Martinez. Brian Garcia wasted a chance when his shot in the area went well wide. Deep in stoppage, Chivas subbed out Roberto Alvarado and Christian Calderon for Alexis Vega and Alejandro Mayorga. Toluca meanwhile subbed out Carlos Baeza and Jesus Ricardo Angulo for Fernando Navarro and Carlos Orrantia. In the end, no more chances fell for either team and the game finished with a tie.

Toluca overall was the better team but a good performance from Rangel in his debut and some bad finishing ended up costing them the victory. Chivas didn’t give a good performance and might still be in crisis mode, although they have some time to maneuver before a key match against Atlas in the Clasico Tapatio. This being their city rivals and the second biggest match for Chivas, another bad result like in the Superclasico, will probably doom their season. Toluca will have to travel to face Tigres on Wednesday in a very tough match and then return home, where they will be favored against Queretaro on Sunday.