The Most Promising Mexican Soccer Players to Keep an Eye in 2023

Over the years, Mexican players have significantly improved their standing in soccer. The magnitude of Mexico's commitment to football was on display during the first FIFA World Cup in 1930. This we can see in the current standing of young Mexican soccer players.

As Mexican football is expanding rapidly, it is becoming increasingly likely that we will witness football players who are younger and more gifted regularly. A new generation is indeed taking control. After demonstrating their abilities, the Mexican players are currently waiting for opportunities.

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6 Mexican Players to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Here is a list of the best young Mexican soccer players to watch out for in 2023. They include:

  1. Jose Juan Macias - Chivas

The Chivas forward moved up from the U17s to the main squad in 2017 and has already made 14 appearances in Liga MX. He can unleash thundering rockets from outside the box with either foot and can use either foot. In addition to his finishing, he has demonstrated a propensity for drawing fouls by aggressively using his body.

  1. Julian Araujo

Julián Araujo is one of Mexico young players with talent. When transitioning from defense to attack, he is a vital player due to his excellent defense and his role in the team. With a sprint speed of 80 and an acceleration of 79, he possesses the natural pace necessary to make those all-important recovery runs. On the ball, Araujo has space for development. However, defensively, he is strong and isn't hesitant to get stuck in, as evidenced by his 72-standing tackles.

  1. Jonathan Gonzalez

The Rayados midfielder was among those who last competed for the United States national team at the youth level. The 18-year-old helped Rayados finish first in the regular season of the Apertura. He did this by stopping attacks and sending long passes

forward to a dangerous front line. This contributed to Rayados's overall success in the tournament. Gonzalez is a player who has the potential to make the United States regret its lack of interest in him for many years into the future.

  1. Efrain Alvarez

He is widely regarded as one of the most talented Mexican football players. He made his first appearance with the Mexican National Team on one of their European tours. He is one of the best Mexican soccer player the team has recorded. The national team of the United States of America was interested in having him. However, he ultimately decided to play for the team of his birth country, Mexico, where he is already an important player. He is sure to have a bright and fruitful future.

  1. Marcelo Flores

Marcelo Flores is playing for Real Oviedo on loan from his parent club, Arsenal. He has been compared to Samir Nasri, a fan favorite who played for the Gunners in the past. Flores is a two-footed creative midfielder capable of playing as a striker. In FIFA 23, Flores has an overall rating of 64 and a potential rating of 81. The graduate of the Arsenal youth academy, who is frequently used in the number 10 position, thrives in one-on-one matchups. There is no question that Flores, if given enough time, would develop into one of the best players in the league.

  1. Brian Figueroa

Brian Figueroa has been a member of Pumas since he was just 12 years old. It indicates that it hasn't been all that long since he joined the organization. The winger still has a promising future. He hasn't played as much under the current manager, David Patino, as he did during the previous tournament with Paco Palencia.


Fans of soccer experience a great deal of happiness because of the game, and each year, new and interesting players emerge. Mexico does have many young players who have a good chance of establishing themselves as starters. This is even though it does not appear that the country will produce a superstar player soon. Their young talents are the hope of Mexican soccer in the coming years. You will find a list of the most promising Mexico young players to watch out for in 2023 in this article.

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