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Duilio Davino out as Rayados president at season’s end; a step in the right direction for club

Davino will vacate the position he’s held for the previous 6 years upon concluding the present Apertura 2022 season.

Aguila y Jaguar - Press Conference & Red Carpet Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images

It’s never good to see someone lose their job. In fact, it’s even tougher when you realize how much they loved it themselves. That’s the case with Duilio Davino, as he barely managed to get through his 20+ minute press conference without bursting into tears earlier today as he was choked up on multiple questions. It was announced yesterday through Rayados’ twitter feed that Davino will conclude his tenure as club president as soon as the current Apertura 2022 season itself concludes for both Liga MX and Liga MX Femenil.

Nobody can argue with his results in 7 years with the club as Sports Director (1 year) and Club President (6 years). Out of 8 total finals reached in all competitions, he conquered 1 Liga MX, 2 Copa MX, and 2 CONCACAF CL. Not bad. But honestly, could we expect anything less? According to Transfermarkt, he has the most expensive payroll in the league, and has also had the liberty to spend on good, high quality players and coaches when needed. So considering that, his results are what they should be in the very least, if not lacking a little to be honest. Specifically, I would’ve expected more in the league title category in that span.

But forget all of that for a second and pretend the results were enough. It’s the very way his team has conducted itself on the pitch. Since his arrival back in 2016, there were five different coaching tenures: Antonio Mohamed (twice), Diego Alonso, Javier Aguirre, and Víctor Manuel Vucetich. And they all had one thing in common: after promising starts and good team intensity with positive results, they ended with a mostly lazy, lukewarm attitude team who appeared to be just floating on the pitch, doing the bare minimum, stumbling through games just to end the season, including low end results in the league table.

His league table season by season results starting with the Clausura 2016, have been the following, respectively: 1st, 9th (missed playoffs), 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 3rd, 8th, 18th (10 games - Clausura 2020, COVID shortened season), 5th, 4th, 9th, 7th, and with one game to go this season, he probably won’t do lower than 2nd. The pattern of results is clear: this team has been on the decline for about three years now. Each season is another missed opportunity with many players slacking off, lacking effort during prolonged periods of matches, translating into early, disappointing playoff exits when this club should be at least reaching the final every single season. High finishes in the league table haven’t necessarily translated into successful playoff runs, so watch out this season.

With all of this being said, I have no doubt he’s a good guy and did what he considered best for the club at the time. But when results and inconsistent play continue to pile up against you despite multiple head coaching switches, it’s time to make a change from the top. When this team continues to look like it’s walking around with its head chopped off, you know the problem might be coming from higher than the head coaching position.

Now, in all fariness to Davino, José González Ornelas continues to be the Council Administration president, so he’s the real person in charge. Whoever he, along with the rest of the council decide to name Davino’s successor should give immediate results, at least in team character and mental fortitude. If things don’t change, Ornelas should be the one under fire, as these muti-million dollar players must be required to produce at a high level on the pitch. Anything less is unacceptable.

All in all, a positive era for Rayados with some silverware, though you can’t help but question yourself, “What if?” With such an expensive payroll and supposed high quality coaches, the fact nobody was able to right the ship and make this team the explosive dynamite it should be for a prolonged period of time makes you lament the fact Rayados’ trophy room could and should be much shinier and loaded than it is now. With Davino’s justified exit confirmed, we now turn our heads to the person who’ll be inheriting this highly talented and well led squad in Vucetich.

Will Rayados find their next leader to produce another golden age like Urdiales did over a decade ago? While that is yet to be defined, the one certain thing is they’ve taken the first step in the right direction.