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History made as Pumas tie Toluca with a last minute goalkeeper goal

Julio Gonzalez went from goat to hero as he scored in the last minute to give Pumas a 2-2 draw against Toluca.

Toluca v Pumas UNAM - Torneo Apertura 2022 Liga MX Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Pumas got a last minute goal to get a 2-2 away tie in Toluca. Julio Gonzalez made history by becoming the second goalkeeper on Saturday to score a goal on a header in the last minute after Santos’ Carlos Acevedo scored earlier against Queretaro. Pumas will hope to keep this up as they face Cruz Azul on Sunday while Toluca travel away to face Mazatlan next Friday.

The 1st half started with the return of Juan Ignacio Dinenno to the starting lineup for Pumas after his two goals against Queretaro, while Gustavo Del Prete returned to the bench. Pumas surprised by having possession in the match against the home side. Eduardo Salvio made a great play as he went by two defenders before Toluca’s goalkeeper, Tiago Volpi, made a good save off his feet. Leonardo Fernandez got off a free kick shot that forced Pumas’ keeper Julio Gonzalez to make a save. A great shot from outside the area by Marcel Ruiz forced Gonzalez to make another save and although Camilo Sanvezzo pounced and scored on the rebound, he was clearly offside and the goal wasn’t given. Sanvezzo later got a volley in the area that forced Gonzalez to make a save again. Although Pumas had started as the better team, Toluca had clearly been the most dangerous in their limited opportunities. The game started to get even with neither team dominating much of possession or getting chances to score. Then, after a great counter attack, Cesar Huerta got a cross into the area that found a wide open Juan Ignacio Dinenno, who got off a right-footed shot past Volpi and into the net for the 1-0. It looked like Toluca had answered right back when a header was saved by Gonzalez and then the shot bounced off Marcel Ruiz into the net, but it was a clear offside and the goal wasn’t given. Pumas had a couple of good places to get counters, but Salvio wasted them by tryind to do it all himself. The 1st half ended with Pumas leading while Toluca felt they deserved better.

The 2nd half started with neither team making any changes as they both hoped to improve on their performance. A great pass from Dani Alves left Salvio on a 1 vs 1, but his shot was saved by Volpi, wasting a great opportunity for Pumas. Pablo Bennevendo got into the area and his shot was deflected by Volpi and a Toluca defender in another good chance for Pumas. A great combination between Alves and Huerta finished with Dinenno whiffing on a left-footed shot. After a good counter attack, Dinenno fired off a left-footed shot that hit the post. Against the run of play, Toluca got a counter and Jean Meneses was given time and space to get a low, right-footed shot past Gonzalez for the 1-1. Although Pumas had been the better team in the 2nd half, Toluca took advantage of their opportunity. Toluca wasted a chance when Meneses got the ball in the area but his right-footed shot went wide. Pumas subbed out Eduardo Salvio and Leonel Lopez for Diogo de Olivera and Marco Garcia. Toluca had another chance when Camilo Sanvezzo got the ball in the area, but his shot went wide, although replays showed Gonzalez had tipped it. Then, off a free kick, a cross into the area was badly handled by Gonzalez, who bobbled the ball right to Jean Meneses, who then striked the ball into the net for the 2-1. It was a big mistake by Gonzalez that had given Toluca the lead. Pumas subbed out Cesar Huerta and Pablo Bennevendo for Jorge Ruvalcaba and Gustavo del Prete. Toluca then subbed out Carlos Guzman, Leonardo Fernandez, and Camilo Sanvezzo for Jorge Rodriguez, Jordan Sierra and Daniel Alvarez. Pumas went all out in the attack knowing their season was in real trouble. Toluca would sub out Jean Meneses for Omar Rodriguez. A Jose Caicedo shot from way outside the area would force Volpi to make a save. Then in the final minute, a corner kick allowed every Pumas player to go up for it and off a great cross by Alves, Goalkeeper Julio Gonzalez would arrive to get a great header past Volpi for the 2-2. Gonzalez went from the villain to the hero as he made history scoring for Pumas as a keeper. Toluca still had time to make a sub by taking out Fernando Navarro for Jorge Torres Nilo, but a couple seconds later, the whistle blew and the tie was set.

It was a historic day for Mexican football. Earlier in the day, Santos had tied Queretaro with a last minute goal by Goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo off a corner kick. Then, Julio Gonzalez scored also in the last minute, also from a corner kick and also in an away match. Pumas get a huge boost but still have a tough road ahead, and not getting the win has them in trouble, and yet, the fans will think all about how Gonzalez made a great goal that will live through history. Toluca will be kicking themselves for dropping two points in the last minute. They’ll need to pick things up and will have a tough task as they travel to Mazatlan, while Pumas will face their city rivals Cruz Azul at home in a must-win game.