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Mazatlan win sends Chivas into crisis mode

Mazatlan defeats Chivas 2-1 to increase tensions in that team a week before the Clasico Tapatio.

Mazatlan FC v Chivas - Torneo Apertura 2022 Liga MX Photo by Sergio Mejia/Getty Images

Mazatlan got their first victory of the tournament, defeating Chivas by a 2-1 score at home. Chivas has officially gone into full crisis mode, a week before one of their most important matches in the tournament when they face Atlas in the Clasico Tapatio. Mazatlan was the better side and took advantage of Chivas going down to ten players before getting the first victory in a tournament were they have shown good things outside Mazatlan, but not at home. They will have a tough match when they travel away to face Leon, while Chivas will be the home side in the Clasico Tapatio next Saturday.

The first half started with both teams coming out with their best lineups. A minute in, a great free kick shot from Cristian Calderon was saved by Mazatlan’s goalkeeper Nicolas Vikonis. Vikonis however left the rebound perfectly for Angel Zaldivar to get a tap in into the empty net, but he whiffed on his shot in a bad miss. Chivas then had an even worse miss off of a free kick when Alexis Vega’s cross found Luis Olivas inches from the goal, and yet his right footed volley went over the bar, another tap in wasted. A shot from Nicolas Benedetti forced Chivas’ goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez to make a good save, but the play was ruled to have been offside on a deflection. After Chivas had started as the better team, Mazatlan slowly started to gain possession and evened out the match. Benedetti got a great shot from outside the area that once again forced Jimenez to make a good save. A great cross into the area was just missed by Gonzalo Sosa, as Mazatlan wasted a great chance. The halftime whistle blew and after a start were Chivas was the better team, the home side had turned the tide and finished as the better team but the game continued being scoreless.

The second half started with Chivas subbing out Sebastian Perez Bouquet and Cristian Calderon for Roberto Alvarado and Carlos Cisneros. There was almost a terrible mistake for Mazatlan when a backpass almost turned into an own goal before Vikonis cleared it right to Vega, who then sent his shot over the bar. Mazatlan subbed out Marco Fabian and Gonzalo Sosa for Fabio Colman and Brian Rubio. After an incredibly clumsy challenge, Fernando Gonzalez got his second yellow card and thus a red, making Chivas have only ten players for the rest of the match. Chivas would have to sub out Luis Olivas for Pavel Perez. Mazatlan wasted a great chance when the ball was left in the area but Anibal Sanchez got off a shot well into the stands. Another cross into the area then found Sanchez, who this time got off a great header past Miguel Jimenez for the 1-0 lead. Mazatlan subbed out Alfonso Sanchez for Roberto Meraz. After Pavel Perez fell in the area, a penalty kick was given even when replays showed it was very dubious call. The ref went to VAR but the call stood. Angel Zaldivar stepped up to take the penalty and his left footed shot was stopped by Vikonis, but he left the ball there so Zaldivar was able to get to it and put it into the net from close range for the 1-1 equalizer. Chivas subbed out Angel Zaldivar and Fernando Beltran for Alan Torres and Isaac Brizuela. Off of a free kick, Chivas was surprised by a trick play from Mazatlan and Oswaldo Alanis got off a left footed shot that was deflected past Miguel Jimenez to retake the lead 2-1. Mazatlan subbed out Edgar Barcenas and Nicolas Benedetti for Eduard Bello and Enrique Cedillo. The final minutes had Chivas not come even close to scoring, and Mazatlan got their first victory of the tournament against a Chivas in full crisis mode.

Chivas is in a terrible crisis, and coach Ricardo Cadena’s job might be in serious jeopardy. They have yet to win a game, barely get goals, and their overall play, especially on offense has been terrible. The loss to Mazatlan could be very costly, but a bad result against Atlas will probably be a job killer. Atlas is their city rival and is coming in as the current Bicampeon, winning the last two titles after 70 years of winning their only other championship. Chivas has lost the bragging rights in the city, and nothing shows that things will change on Saturday. Mazatlan had gotten some good results away with ties against Pachuca and Pumas. Unfortunately for them, at home they had been lackluster, especially in their 4-2 loss against Puebla on opening day. They were finally able to get a good performance, and the win was deserved. They will have a tough task in their matchup against Leon, but if they keep their road level, they might be able to get another result.