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Giovani dos Santos had this ‘response’ to Mazatlán FC’s contract offer

The Mexican snubbed the coastal city and didn’t even bother to respond.

America v Atletico San Luis - Torneo Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX Photo by Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

The last time we saw Giovani dos Santos playing the sport of soccer professionally was over a year ago now. April 10, 2021 to be exact, during Round 14 of the Clausura 2021 season, where America visited Tigres and came away with a 1-3 road victory. The older of the dos Santos brothers didn’t see much action that night, as he came on for Álvaro Fidalgo in the 75th minute of the match. Not everyone expected that to be the last we saw of him on a pitch.

At the conclusion of the Clausura 2021, the under-17 World Cup champ became a free agent, but failed to sign for any club in Mexico or elsewhere. Rumors have swirled on multiple occasions that he would end up at one location or another, but none have proven true. And so, he’s now at the point where he’s nearly reached a year and a half without seeing any action at the pro level.

But we’re now realizing it hasn’t been out of a lack of contract offers. In fact, Gabriel Caballero, current Mazatlán FC head coach, revealed in an interview with En Cancha that they couldn’t wait for the Mexican/Brazilian’s decision any longer. He went on to explain, “This possibility emerged from the front office, where they proposed the option to me (about Gio’s arrival), he was made an offer, but nothing happened after. I never got to speak with him because there was never an intention of his to come.” In other words, dos Santos snubbed Caballero and company. It appears he never even bothered to respond to their offer.

Rumors have it the contract may have included clauses which probably would’ve hindered the attacking midfielder’s economics, resulting in him simply looking the other way without giving a response.

Given his current situation, he really isn’t in a position to demand anything. The way in which his form and production on the pitch have declined so precipitously of late, in addition to his absence on the pitch, has many wondering if his retirement might be just around the corner, considering not even a Liga MX offer has been enough to convince him. The once Barcelona promise has come a long way from those glory days, and has now turned down another offer which could’ve allowed him one last chance to regain form and be seen for a potential World Cup calling, had he managed to regain that amazing level and talent we know he has hidden deep beneath those boots.