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America faces off against Queretaro hoping to net their fifth consecutive win

The Aguilas travel to the Corregidora after their stunning win in the Clasico Joven.

America v Cruz Azul - Torneo Apertura 2022 Liga MX Photo by Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

America and Queretaro face off tonight (7:05 PM PT/9:05 PM CT/10:05 PM ET) at the Corregidora, where the Gallos are looking for their second win of the season while the Aguilas are looking to continue their win streak. This match is a week 16 matchup taking place tonight due to their match originally being scheduled during a FIFA international break.

Queretaro enter tonight’s match with only one win under their belt in 10 weeks. Their first win came over the weekend against Tijuana who, quite honestly, more than likely saved head coach Mauro Gerk’s job. Just this past weekend we saw Cruz Azul say goodbye to head coach Diego Aguirre after their terrible 7 - 0 loss to America. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if other teams decide to part ways with their head coaches who are also delivering bad results. For now Gerk is safe, but that could change with how tonight’s match goes.

Against Tijuana, Queretaro scored their first goal in the third minute to take the lead after a defensive error. It’s actually surprising Tijuana wasn’t able to equalize considering all their opportunities. It wasn’t until two minutes into stoppage time that Queretaro sealed their win with another goal. They made the most out of their opportunities.

America faced Cruz Azul in the Clasico Joven which turned out to be a brutal night for la Maquina. They weren’t in the game for long, ultimately losing control and having no answers. It has been a disastrous season for them and will now continue with Raul Gutierrez in an interim position until a new permanent coach can be found.

In the last four weeks, America has scored 15 goals while only conceding one (against Juarez) earlier in the month. Stats like that would scare any team facing the Aguilas, but not Gerk. When asked about the upcoming game he said he does not fear the Aguilas and will compete with them just like any other team and will work towards making the game difficult for the visitors. It’s not like Gerk and Queretaro have been demolished in their games. They have only conceded seven goals in their last four games while scoring five. Their biggest defeat came against Monterrey last month where they lost 3 - 0. The rest of their games have either been draws or losses by a goal or two. The losses have not been big blowouts. Gerk and Queretaro will have a big task as they try to keep America off the scoresheet tonight.