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Chivas and Atlas clash to a hard fought tie

Chivas and Atlas finished with 10 players each in another edition of the Clasico Tapatio.

Chivas v Atlas - Torneo Apertura 2022 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Chivas came from behind to grab a 1-1 tie against their city rivals Atlas in the Clasico Tapatio on Saturday night. It was a hard fought match that was accident-filled, resulting both teams finishing the match with 10 players. Chivas were able to rescue a result at home after trailing, but their struggles continue as they have yet to taste victory in the season so far, while Atlas appeared to improve during stretches, but still went out with a lackluster 2nd half after leading. Chivas will skip the midweek matchups until they return on Friday to play an away game against Necaxa while Atlas will host FC Juarez.

The match began under a rainy Guadalajara night. Not even a minute in, Chivas looked to score with an Isaac Brizuela shot, but the goal was called off due to an offside. Chivas had gotten the better start of the two teams. A long ball had Luis Reyes kicking Brizuela in the head and getting a yellow card. After going to VAR, the ref decided to change it to a straight red card which had Atlas in trouble and Chivas getting a great opportunity. A cross into the area came close to being a goal for Atlas when Julian Quiñones got a header that Chivas’ goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez was able to immediately get a hand on and punch clear. Chivas had control of the possession but weren’t creating any danger, a problem if you have a man advantage. A harsh foul to Angel Zaldivar looked to have injured him and although he stayed in the match, never was quite right after it. A good low shot from Eduardo Torres from outside the area forced Atlas’ goalkeeper, Camilo Vargas, to make a good save. There was a harsh clash between Miguel Ponce and Anderson Santamaria. Replays showed that Ponce had stepped on Santamaria and after going to VAR, the ref decided to give Ponce a red card. Chivas were now down to 10 players again and had wasted their man advantage having created just one dangerous chance. Luis Olivas got off a shot that went just wide. After another foul between Fernando Beltran and Edgar Zaldivar, the ref would go to VAR for a third time but only give a yellow card to Zaldivar. Off a free kick, Alexis Vega fired a shot that was deflected and hit the post in the best chance of the match at that point. The halftime whistle blew and after a very hard fought match, the score remained 0-0.

The 2nd half was under way with Chivas subbing out Angel Zaldivar for Santiago Ormeño while Atlas subbed out Anderson Santamaria for Gaddi Aguirre. Both traded possession but were unable to create anything offensively. Chivas subbed out Jesus Sanchez and Isaac Brizuela for Carlos Cisneros and Roberto Alvarado. Off a free kick, Julian Quiñones shot the ball through everybody, including Jimenez and into the net for the 1-0. It was a blunder for Jimenez, who failed to react until the ball had almost gotten past his outstretched hands. Atlas subbed out Julio Furch for Edison Flores. After a good run, Quiñones got into the area and got off a left-footed shot that Jimenez made a great save off of. After the ball got into the area, Ormeño got off a right-footed shot but an Atlas defender deflected the ball out. Chivas would sub out Eduardo Torres and Luis Olivas for Pavel Perez and Cristian Calderon. A cross into the area was volleyed by Cisneros but Vargas came up with a huge save. A good right-footed shot by Alvarado from outside the area forced Vargas to make another good save. Atlas subbed out Ozziel Herrera and Jeremy Marquez for Diego Barbosa and Edyairth Ortega. A long-distance shot by Vega forced Vargas to make yet another save. Then, after a great pass from Fernando Beltran found a wide open Carlos Cisneros, he was able to get off a low left-footer past Vargas for the 1-1. Atlas came close to getting another one off a corner kick, Aguirre got a wide open header but it went well wide. Chivas had a great opportunity when Vega got a 1 on 1 and his pass to Ormeño left him open against Vargas, but he lobbed the ball over him and the goal, wasting the opportunity which proved to be the last one, ending the match in a tie.

Chivas battled back in the 2nd half to get a draw and were inches from a win, but overall had another lackluster performance, especially in the 1st half where they wasted a man advantage, creating just one chance before they were shown a red card themselves. Atlas’ fans would be even more disappointed as they had battled to get the lead and despite a huge performance from their goalkeeper Camilo Vargas, still couldn’t hold on. They remain higher in the league table and are the defending champions, so they still have bragging rights, even more so being the away team and getting a point. Chivas need to improve and although they might have saved coach Ricardo Cadena’s job, are far from reaching their fans’ expectations and will have much to prove against Necaxa. Atlas will be heavily favored for their Tuesday match against FC Juarez, although it will be tough with such little rest between a hard fought Clasico and Tuesday’s match.