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Clasico Preview: Chivas vs Atlas

Chivas host the Clasico Tapatio as they try to end their crisis against their city rival.

Leagues Cup Showcase - Club Deportiva Guadalajara v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Chivas will face defending champion Atlas in the Clasico Tapatio later tonight (10:05 ET / 9:05 CT). In the middle of their crisis, the match increases in importance for Chivas, whose coach Ricardo Cadena might have his job in jeopardy, should they fail to obtain a positive result against the team that has eclipsed them in the city of Guadalajara with their two straight championships after a 70 year drought. Atlas have not gotten off to the greatest start, but are still heavily favored in this one.

Chivas have had a terrible start to their season; they have yet to win a match, struggle mightily creating scoring chances, and now face their city rival who has won the last two league titles and eliminated them in the Liguilla on the road to their last one. Atlas is clearly the current king of Guadalajara and with Chivas struggling in every aspect, they will come into this match as the underdog, despite being at home. Coach Cadena has done a very poor job this season of getting the team prepared as they’ve been predictable and unable to create any offense. Thus, a loss might be the end of the road for Cadena, but the recent struggles and some money woes means they’ll have trouble finding a replacement which might mean they’ll have to settle for him regardless, despite their protesting fans.

Atlas is coming to a Clasico Tapatio as the heavy favorites. After only winning a single title since 1951, they ended that negative streak and have now won the last two Liga MX titles. To make things better, their last title run started by eliminating their rivals, Chivas, in the Quarterfinals, making clear who are kings of the city. That being said, they haven’t had a great start to their season, with a couple of key losses, including some at home, but their recent win against Queretaro ended their losing streak and has them primed to defeat their biggest rival yet again and possibly add another achievement, by ending their coach’s tenure at Chivas.

Chivas comes into the Clasico Tapatio in full crisis mode, and having the match at home might even increase the pressure. Atlas is coming in heavily favored and in prime position to hurt Chivas and further sink their season, like a game of Battleship. It will be an interesting matchup as the entire city of Guadalajara closes shop to pay attention to the match.