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Guadalajara announce Santiago Ormeño signing From Club Leon

Chivas sign the forward hoping he can recreate his explosive season he had while playing for Puebla.

Ormeño during a Leon game.

After some media speculation, Guadalajara has officially announced the signing of Santiago Ormeño. The announcement came just hours after Pachuca made the signing of Eduardo “Chofis” López official. While it may be good news for the club, the move does not come without controversy.

Ormeño comes to Guadalajara after playing for Club Leon since Apertura 2021. While he is Mexican born, he has family ties to Peru and made his decision to play for the Peruvian National Team. Guadalajara has a long-standing policy, or as some would call a tradition, to only field players that are of Mexican nationality as is written in the club rulebook. In 2012 Chivas took this policy further by stating that only players who choose to play for the Mexican National Team will be allowed to sport the Rojiblanco jersey. This policy was eventually changed and the rules were made clear when Guadalajara had to explain why the women’s side signed Guatemala player Leslie Ramirez. Ramirez was born in the United States but is Guatemalan on her mother’s side and Mexican on her father’s side which allowed her to have Mexican nationality. As for Ormeño, his nationality is evident since he was born in Mexico. As long as a player holds Mexican nationality, whether born on Mexican soil or not, they are allowed to play for Guadalajara.

Even with that explanation, some Chivas fans are still left scratching their heads as to why the club brought Ormeño on. It can be stated that Ormeño had his best season when he played with Puebla before ever signing with Leon. In 28 matches with Leon during the 2021 - 2022 season, he only had one goal and one assist. While with Puebla, he scored a total of 17 goals during his three seasons, all coming during the 2020 - 2021 season. He has had one explosive season and has not reached the same level since. In short, Ormeño has been inconsistent, and what Chivas need currently is consistency in front of goal.

While his signing is controversial in many ways, the deal is official and Santiago Ormeño is now a Rojiblanco. Not just Chivas fans, but fans from all around the league will be watching to see if he can help bring Guadalajara back to their glory days.