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Mexico defeats Indonesia but still must await results in Maurice Revello Tournament

Mexico dominated in a 2-0 win that might give them the ticket to the semifinals of the Maurice Revello Tournament, depending on Monday’s Group C results.

via @FMF

Mexico bounced back from a loss against Venezuela to get a dominating 2-0 victory over Indonesia that might give them the ticket to the 2022 Maurice Revello Tournament in Toulon, France. Mexico could go through as the best second placed team in the tournament if the results in Group C’s final match day play to their benefit.

Mexico came out in the first half needing the three points, and to switch it up they changed the goalkeeper by benching Hector Holguin for Eduardo Garcia. Indonesia could have gotten a chance when Garcia failed to come out with the ball, but Ramon Juarez was able to clear the ball before the Indonesian forward got to it. Mexico had a great chance when Efrain Alvarez made a great pass into the area, and Jonathan Herrera almost got to it before Muhammad Ferrari cleared the ball. Off of a corner kick, a header forced Indonesian goalkeeper Cahya Supriada to make a save and clear the ball. As expected, Mexico had more of the possession but weren’t creating much danger against an Indonesian side that were defending well. Off a corner kick, Uziel Garcia was able to get a head on the ball but his header hit the post in what was clearly the best opportunity off the early part of match. Then after Santiago Muñoz got into the area, he was brought down by Dimas Pamungkas and a penalty kick was given. Muñoz stepped up to take the shot and put a strong right footed shot past Supriada to make it 1-0 for Mexico. Off a corner kick, Muñoz got a header that forced a save from Supriada, but the referee ruled a foul was committed on the play. A cross into the area from Eugenio Pizzuto turned into a shot that went past Supriada, but also just wide of the net. Mexico took the deserved lead to the halftime.

The second half started with Mexico subbing out Benjamin Galdames and Angel Robles for Diego Medina and Angel Zapata. Indonesia subbed out Edgard Amping aand Alfriyanto Nico for Mikael Alfredo Tata and Rafli Asrul. Mexico had a chance when Muñoz got a header, but it was weak and Supriada easily handled it. Supriada was able to get to a ball and cleared it seconds before Muñoz got to it first in another good chance for Mexico. Indonesia then subbed out injured Ferdiansyah Cecep for Frezy Al Hudaifi. Muñoz wasted a great chance when a wonderful pass from Pizzuto allowed him to go on a one-on-one, but his low shot was cleared by Supriada in a play where he should have done better. After a couple of good runs, Medina got into the area but his shot went right into Supriada’s hands. A cross into the area was connected by Muñoz, but it was also deflected by an Indonesian defender and it didn’t go in. Later Alvarez got into the area, but his right footed shot was saved by Supriada. Alvarez then wasted a chance when he got a three-on-three, but by switching to his left foot to take the shot he allowed the Indonesian defense to block his shot. Mexico then subbed out Efrain Alvarez for Teun Wilke. Mexico continued to dominate, and had more opportunities than in the first half but still not creating as many opportunities for all of their possessions. Mexico subbed out Santiago Muñoz for Jorge Ruvalcaba. There was a controversy when an Indonesian player looked to have handled the ball, but the referee failed to give the penalty. Mexico then subbed out Jonathan Herrera for Santiago Naveda, in a defensive move that was a little unexplained. Indonesia subbed out Hokky Caraka for Fachrezi. A great cross into the area was lowered by Ruvalcaba, but he fell when tackled by a defender and no foul was given. Ruvalcaba looked to have gotten into the area but was called offside and then got a yellow card for shooting the ball at Supriada after the whistle was blown. A cross into the area was headed by Wilke but easily saved by Supriada. Then after a longball, Jorge Ruvalcaba got the ball in the area and hit a strong right footed shot past Supriada for the 2-0 lead. It was a well deserved goal for Mexico, and Ruvalcaba who had been great since coming in. It was the final goal as Mexico held on to win in a game where they should have scored more.

Mexico dominated and should have won by more than two goals, although the 2-0 win gave them six points and a +2 goal differential. With the win, they eliminated Group A second placed Argentina, who also had 6 points but a -2 goal differential. Mexico must now await the results in Group C, where three teams can get past Mexico with 7 points. First off would be a match between Comoros and Algeria. Comoros sit at 4 points so a win would get them to 7, but anything but a win would give Mexico the ticket to the semifinals. After that, there is a match between Japan and Colombia where a win by either team would get them to 7 points, but a tie would also give them the ticket to Mexico if Comoros gets a win. Comoros has to get the win and a team must win the Japan vs Colombia match for Mexico to be eliminated.

Overall, Mexico played well in the match but the loss to Venezuela complicated their qualification to the semifinals. Still, they are one result away from continuing on in a tournament where they seemed to be improving after a weak start. Should they get to the semifinals however, the match up could be a tough one especially if the face surging France. Yet it would be a great result to get to the knockout stages of the competition.