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Campeón de Campeones match recap: Guadalajara 1, Monterrey 1

Nice goals from Carolina Jaramillo and Christina Burkenroad set the stage for the second leg in Monterrey.

Gabriela Valenzuela of Chivas fights for the ball with Valeria Valdez of Monterrey during the final first leg match between Chivas and Monterrey as part of Campeon de Campeones 2022 Liga MX Femenil at Akron Stadium on May 27, 2022 in Zapopan, Mexico. Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

The first Campeón de Campeones for Liga MX Femenil got underway, with both Chivas and Monterrey looking to further cement their legacies as being the best in fútbol femenino. While at times the match seemed more like a friendly, the competition became stiffer and the challenges a bit more robust, with two very good goals leaving the sides level at the end of the first leg.

In the opening minutes Chivas had a fantastic chance when Gaby Valenzuela crossed a ball through the box, however Licha Cervantes had pulled up on her run and it was cleared out before it got to Caro Jaramillo. In the sixth minute, Dani Solis got her head onto a good cross into the box but it was hit weakly and Celeste Espino had no trouble making the stop. Rayadas had a good chance in the 15th minute when a cross into the box was mishandled by Espino, allowing a free-for-all in the box. At the end of it, Caro Jaramillo was down on the turf being attended to by the medical staff and Monterrey having lost possession. Jaramillo’s lip was split thanks to an elbow from Barbara Olivieri however there was no call and play continued. Neither team looked particularly sharp, and play often involved hopeful balls forward that were easily picked off. Chivas broke through however in the 29th minute when Jaramillo was played forward, made a nice move to lose the defender, then drove into the box and fired a shot past Alex Godínez.

Chivas had another decent chance in the 37th when Licha Cervantes hit a good shot from distance, but Godínez read it the entire way and stopped it easily. While the game started with the vibe of a friendly, the match turned physical with players unafraid to go in on a challenge and chirp at one another or referee Katia García after the fact. Chivas had a decent opportunity in stoppage when Jaramillo once again drove down along the left, but this time the defense was good and she gave up the ball. It however fell to Valenzuela, and she hit a shot that was deflected out before it got to Godínez.

The second half started out with Chivas getting a good chance in the 47th when Michelle González headed a corner kick that went through Godínez’ fingertips and hit off of the post. Damaris Godínez made the run to the far post, but the deflection of the ball carried away from her and it was cleared before she could stop and get back onto it. A minute later at the other end, Dani Solís had a shot that Espino made a nice stop on. In the 53rd Licha Cervantes made a nice run into the box, but Mónica Flores played her perfectly and forced her to dribble the ball out over the end line. Rayadas levelled the scorei n the 57th minute when Rebeca Bernal hit a pinpoint ball over the top that Christina Burkenroad got an outstretched foot onto and knocked it into the top of the net.

A bit of controversy in the 67th when Mónica Flores clipped the heels of Licha Cervantes, causing her to trip and fall as she was played in past the back line. Chivas players were furious Flores was only shown a yellow card, since Cervantes would have most likely had a clear line in on goal alone but Katia García was hearing none of it. In the 78th a ball fell to the foot of Christina Burkenroad, and she did well to control it and fire it in rapid succession but Espino was waiting and turned it aside for a corner.

Both teams kept pushing for the go-ahead goal, but ultimately neither was able to produce it, setting up what should be a good second leg in Monterrey on Monday.

Guadalajara: Celeste Espino; Damaris Godínez, Karol Bernal (Araceli Torres, 76’), Michelle González, Kinberly Guzmán; Victoria Acevedo (Isabella Gutiérrez, 61’), Susan Bejerano (Casandra Montero, 61’); Joseline Montoya, Carolina Jaramillo (Hilary García, 84’), Gabriela Valenzuela (Anette Vázquez, 84’); Licha Cervantes

Monterrey: Alex Godínez; Mónica Flores, Mariana Cadena, Rebeca Bernal, Alejandra Calderón; Yamile Franco, Valeria Valdez; Daniela Solís, Barbara Olivieri (Desirée Monsiváis, 45’), Diana Evangelista (Aylin Aviléz, 66’); Christina Burkenroad

Scoring: Guadalajara - Carolina Jaramillo (29’); Monterrey - Christina Burkenroad (56’)

Disciplinary: Guadalajara - None; Monterrey - Mónica Flores (Yellow - 67’), Desirée Monsiváis (Yellow - 67’)