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Monterrey easily defeat a Chivas in crisis mode

Monterrey dominated Chivas in terrible field conditions to get a 3-1 win in Guadalajara.

Chivas v Monterrey - Torneo Grita Mexico C22 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Monterrey got an easy away victory against a struggling Chivas by a 3-1 score. In a game that had been postponed a week ago because of a Coldplay concert, Chivas hosted Monterrey under terrible field conditions from that concert. Chivas took an early lead, but once again they allowed their opponent to get back in the match, it was all Monterrey as fans clamored against the team and the fact the manager remains there. Chivas will have a tough away visit to Mexico City to face Cruz Azul on Saturday while Monterrey will also travel to Mexico City to face Pumas on Sunday.

The first half started with Angel Zaldivar starting as forward after games where Chivas had started without a target forward. It was also the return of Miguel Jimenez as the starting goalkeeper with Raul Gudiño going back to the bench. Monterrey came out with their usual starting lineup. Chivas had more control of possession as Monterrey somewhat sat back, but for all the possession they couldn’t create any danger. Monterrey had a great chance when a great pass from Alfonso Gonzalez found Jesus Gallardo in the area, but his shot went straight to Jimenez who was able to save it. A good cross from Alexis Vega just ended up being out of reach of Christian Calderon, who would have gotten an empty net chance had he connected with it. Monterrey wasted a great chance when a cross into the area was volleyed by Gonzalez, but it was saved by Jimenez. The ball then fell to Vincent Janssen, who deflected the ball to a wide open Erick Aguirre, but his shot went wide even when he virtually had an empty net. It looked terrible for Monterrey when a minute later, Calderon fell in the area after a clash with Celso Ortiz and the ref gave a penalty kick to Chivas. Angel Zaldivar stepped up and with a strong left footed shot he knocked it past Monterrey’s goalkeeper Esteban Andrada for the 1-0 lead. After a bad jump and because of the poor field conditions, Fernando Beltran looked to have injured himself but continued in the game. Then in injury time, off a corner kick, Jesus Gallardo was able to easily connect with a header that went past Jimenez for the 1-1 equalizer. It was a terrible defensive job from Chivas’ defense and once again Chivas had lost a lead.

The second half started with the injured Fernando Beltran having to be subbed out for Eduardo Torres. A great opportunity happened when a mistake by Hiram Mier left the ball in the area for Janssen, but his shot was saved by Jimenez, who also collided with Janssen. Then after a good run and a great combination play, Sebastian Vegas got into the area, received the ball, and got off a left footed shot past Jimenez for the 2-1 lead for Rayados. Chivas subbed out Miguel Angel Ponce for Jose Juan Macias. Monterrey came close again when a cross into the area was missed by Jimenez, but Hector Moreno couldn’t reach the ball. Because of an injury, Monterrey had to sub out Celso Ortiz for Matias Kranevitter. Then after a longball into the area from Alfonso Gonzalez, Vincent Janssen tried to reach it and failed to do so, but he was able to distract Jimenez enough for him to have the ball slip off his hand and into the net for the 3-1 lead. It was a terrible mistake from Jimenez, and Gonzalez had gotten a goal as a prize for a very good performance. Monterrey had another chance off a corner kick but Luis Olivas was able to deflect the header. Monterrey then subbed out Vincent Janssen and Maximiliano Meza for Jose Alvarado and Rodolfo Pizarro. Chivas meanwhile subbed out Luis Olivas for Jesus Ricardo Angulo. Chivas tried to get that last goal, but couldn’t even come close to the area. Monterrey subbed out Erick Aguirre and Alfonso Gonzalez for Edson Gutierrez and Angel Zapata. After a cross, Macias got a good header that went just wide. Chivas tried to look for another goal, but they looked deflated and without any ideas. A shot from outside the area from Vega looked to be close but wide. In injury time the match was stopped because the crowd started to do the infamous chant, as they sound system chastised them for it. The crowd continued to do it, and the match was stopped again even when it was injury time. The crowd took the time to shout “Fuera Leaño” against the head coach. After the match started again, there was still time for it to be shouted once more before the match was ended in an embarrassing performance from the crowd.

Chivas hit full-blown crisis mode as they sit out of the zone for a place in the postseason, and the team continues to play worse. Once again they allowed a team to tie them after taking the lead and they looked without ideas. The divorce between fans and management was clear as they made their side be known with chants against Coach Michel Leaño were crystal clear, and the instances of the infamous chants were an embarrassment. It’s clear that everything in Guadalajara, from fans to players to management left a lot to be desired, and it would truly be a surprise for any result but a loss against Cruz Azul on Saturday. Monterrey meanwhile has improved under Coach Victor Manuel Vucetich (curiously the last coach in Chivas before Leaño) and look to go into the post season. They will definitely benefit in facing a Pumas side on Sunday that will probably have their attention on the CONCACAF Champions League Final against Seattle Sounders than in Liga MX. It might be that Monterrey is able to fulfill the predictions that had them as one of the biggest candidates for the Liga MX title.