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Match recap: Guadalajara 1, Santos Laguna 0

Chivas hang on to eke out a 1-0 win against Santos.

Cristian Calderon of Chivas appeals to central referee Victor Alfonso Caceres during the 9th round match between Chivas and Santos Laguna at Akron Stadium on March 5, 2022 in Zapopan, Mexico. Photo by Carlos Zepeda/Jam Media/Getty Images

Whether or not this match should have happened in light of the events earlier in the evening in Querétaro can (and perhaps should) be debated. The match between Chivas and Santos however was played as scheduled, with Chivas picking up a 1-0 win.

Neither team looked particularly sharp in the opening minutes. Chivas had an opportunity in the seventh minute when Cristian “Chicote” Calderón was played in but his resulting shot went well wide of the net. Both teams were able to settle into a bit of a rhythm, with Chivas tending to hold possession more while Santos defended and tried to get the ball forward quickly when in possession. Fernando Beltrán had a go from about 25 yards out in the 19th minute but his shot didn’t dip down enough and it sailed over the bar.

“Chicote” Calderón had another rip from the top of the box in the 30th minute, however while it was closer than the one earlier in the match this one also went side of the net. Both defenses however by and large did well to snuff out chances before they could fully develop, and the first half closed the same way that it opened, with the sides tied at zero.

The second half started out fairly similarly. Jesús Angulo had the first good chance of the half in the 53rd when he hit a shot from distance that just missed. Omar Campos made a nice move along the end line in the 58th minute but his resulting pass went through the box to no one. A minute later at the other end of the pitch, J.J. Macías took a backheel pass from Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado, got free at the top of the box, and then hit a shot that beat Carlos Acevedo to give Chivas the lead.

Santos then tried to go on the offensive, taking care to hold onto possession but perhaps being a bit too cautious. They were finally able to get a chance in the 75th when Harold Preciado broke through the line but his shot went wide of the net. Chivas started to tire and up the gamesmanship, and Santos started pressuring more and more. Santos couldn’t break through and the match ended with Chivas picking up their first in in five games. After the match, Santos players mobbed referee Víctor Caceres, who angrily showed Matheus Dória a red card.

Chivas is scheduled to host archrivals América in the Clásico Nacional next Saturday, March 12 while Santos is scheduled to host Tijuana on Sunday, March 13.

Guadalajara: Miguel Jiménez; Isaác Brizuela, Hiram Mier, Luis Olivas, Miguel Ponce; Sergio Flores, Fernando Beltrán (José Juan Macías, 58’), Sebastián Pérez Bouquet (Ángel Zaldívar, 83’); Roberto Alvarado (Antonio Briseño, 83’), Jesús Angulo, Cristian Calderón (Carlos Cisneros, 46’, César Huerta, 82’)

Santos Laguna: Carlos Acevedo; Roni Prieto (Franco Pizzichillo, 74’), Matheus Dória, Félix Torres, Carlos Orrantia (Beto Ocejo, 74’); Brian Lozano (Eduardo Aguirre, 65’), Fernando Gorriarán, Leo Suárez (Omar Campos, 46’), Alan Cervantes; Diego Medina (Ulíses Rívas, 66’), Harold Preciado

Scoring: Guadalajara - José Juan Macías (60’) Santos Laguna - None

Disciplinary: Guadalajara - Carlos Cisneros (Yellow - 72’), Isaác Brisuela (Yellow - 88’); Santos Laguna - Félix Torres (Yellow - 32’), Matheus Dória (Red)