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Atlas tie Chivas with late goal in violent Clasico Tapatio

Atlas and Chivas tied 1-1 in a match that saw three red cards given out.

Atlas v Chivas - Torneo Grita Mexico C22 Liga MX Photo by Alfredo Moya/Jam Media/Getty Images

Atlas came back to get a late goal against Chivas to finish with a 1-1 tie. It was a hard fought match that ended with three red cards and with a scuffle between the teams that kind of hurt all of the talks about peace before the match, especially with Atlas being one of the two teams involved in the notorious riot in Queretaro. Both teams played better in a half and the tie was a just result. break when Liga MX returns after the FIFA, Chivas will face tough side Monterrey while Atlas travels to Mexico City to face Cruz Azul.

The first half started with Chivas coming out with virtually the same lineup they had in the Superclasico against America, with the difference being Antonio Briseño taking the place of the injured Luis Olivas. Atlas meanwhile went with their best lineup, missing the injured David Barbosa. A minute in there was a longball that ended with a clash between Chivas’ goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez and Julian Quiñones. Chivas had a chance when Alexis Vega made his move to get off a right footed shot from outside the area, but the ball went wide. Atlas had gained control of the possession, but Chivas was able to defend itself well and were trying to counter. Atlas wasted a great chance when a cross into the area found Julio Furch, but he decided to try a backheeled shot that went wide, wasting a great opportunity to shoot with his right foot. A cross into the area was lowered by Furch to the path of Quiñones, but although the ball went in, it was called back because Quiñones was judged to have handled the ball. It also looked like the ball had gone out before Furch made his pass, but replays were inconclusive on that. Atlas came close again when Quiñones got the ball in the area and got off a shot that went wide by just inches. Atlas missed another chance on a three-on-three when once again Furch had a chance in the area but whiffed as he tried to do another backheeled shot. Then after a bad foul, a big scuffle happened between Vega and Aldo Rocha which developed to a fight between Atlas and Chivas players. Miguel Angel Ponce was immediately red carded, and replays showed that Jairo Torres also got into the fight with Ponce. After going to VAR, the referee also gave a red card to Torres while giving a yellow cards to Vega and Rocha. After a below average first half, it ended with a bad taste because of the violence.

The second half started with Chivas subbing out Sebastian Perez Bouquet for Jose Juan Macias. Off of a free kick, Vega got off a great right footed shot that went just wide. Later another shot by Vega was not handled well by Atlas’ goalkeeper Camilo Vargas, and he had to scramble to clear it before Vega got to the rebound. Chivas had started the second half much better than the first, and although they weren’t dominating, they had done slightly better than Atlas. Quinoñes got the ball in his area and got off a good shot, but a great slide from Hiram Mier blocked it. After a great combination play, Macias got the ball in the area and got off a strong right footed shot that Vargas deflected right into the path of Roberto Alvarado. Alvarado got off a right footed shot that was deflected by Jose Abella into the empty net for the 1-0 lead. Chivas made a great play, and had their just reward for what they have done since the start of the second half. Atlas subbed out Gaddi Aguirre for Ozziel Herrera. Once again Macias was able to get the ball in the area and get off a good right footed shot that was saved by Vargas, but this time there was nobody there to get to the rebound. Atlas then subbed out Julio Furch for Christopher Trejo. Off of a free kick, Quiñones rose to get a header that forced Jimenz to make his first big save of the half. Atlas then subbed out Jose Abella and Edgar Zaldivar for Anibal Chala and Gonzalo Maroni. Trejo looked to have made a good play, but his shot from outside the area went well wide. Chivas subbed out Alexis Vega and Roberto Alvarado (who looked injured) for Alan Torres and Carlos Cisneros. While the Alvarado sub was expected because of injury, the Vega substitution looked to be very defensive for how the match was playing out. Atlas continued to pressure and looked to have regained control of the possession. Chala made a good play and got off a great cross that Jimenez failed to read well, allowing Julian Quiñones to get to it and get off a header that went over Jimenez and into the net for the 1-1 equalizer. Atlas had gotten their goal in a play that might have been coming since the subbing out of Vega. In the ensuing celebration, Quiñones made an obscene gesture to Chivas’ bench that the referee saw and red carded, him leaving Atlas with nine players. Later, Flores pushed an Atlas player and another short scuffle happened. Chivas subbed out Fernando Beltran and Jesus Ricardo Angulo for Cesar Huerta and Angel Zaldivar, but it was too little too late and the match ended with a 1-1 tie.

It wasn’t the greatest Clasico Tapatio ever played, and unfortunately the actions on the field left a bad taste for many. Chivas looked like they had the win, but the way they sat back and failed to take advantage of their better play in the second half will have their fans furious Meanwhile Atlas fans will be mad that they couldn’t get the win and that they also failed to give a great level of play. Still, the most notable things were the scuffle as well as the obscene gesture from Quiñones that paints the match as the most incident-filled since the violent incident in Queretaro. It really is not what fans wanted, and even less so for the teams. Atlas will hope to bounce back in their tough visit to Cruz Azul, while Chivas will hope to improve greatly after consecutive disappointments in both of their clasicos.