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Leon gets last minute win over Chivas

In injury time Leon got a goal to give them the 2-1 over Chivas.

Leon v Chivas - Torneo Grita Mexico C22 Liga MX Photo by Leopoldo Smith/Getty Images

Leon left it very late, but were able to get a good win at home when they defeated Chivas 2-1. After a first half were they took the lead and were slightly better, Leon allowed Chivas to tie and be the better team before a last minute goal gave them the victory to get back to their winning ways at home. Chivas would rue their luck after improving a lot in the second half, especially in the substitutions and doing more than enough to get a tie. Leon will now wait for Tuesday’s CONCACAF Champions League return leg against Deportivo Guastatoya at home before their away match against Necaxa in Liga MX play, while Chivas returns home to face first placed Puebla.

The first half started with Chivas having the return of Angel Zaldivar to the starting lineup, while they had Jose Juan Macias on the bench for the first time. While Leon also had the return of William Tesillo to the starting lineup, they were still missing the injured Angel Mena. It was a very even match to start, with neither team creating much danger. Then in an incredible blooper from Chivas, Fernando Beltran gave a back pass straight to Leon’s Victor Davila, who had a one-on-one against Chivas’ goalkeeper Raul Gudiño. Davila got off a left footed shot past him for the 1-0 lead.It was a terrible mistake that came out of nowhere, and Chivas gifted Leon the opening to a very even match. Chivas then had their first opportunity when a combination play was finished with a right footed shot from Roberto Alvarado, that forced Leon’s goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota to make a good save. On the ensuing corner kick, Cota cleared the ball to Jesus Ricardo Angulo, but his lobbed shot went over the empty net. Chivas had another chance when Zaldivar found Beltran just outside the area, but his shot went wide. It was the last chance of the half, ending with the lead for the home side.

The second half started with Chivas hoping to get a tie and Leon hoping to get chances for all of their possession. Leon subbed out Elias Hernandez for Jose Ramirez. After a shot from outside was saved by Cota, Zaldivar crashed into him badly which caused him to get a yellow card and Andres Mosquera started a scuffle by pushing Zaldivar. Chivas subbed out Angel Zaldivar, Fernando Beltran, and Miguel Angel Ponce for Jose Juan Macias, Alan Torres, and Cristian Calderon. Macias then was able to get past two defenders and get off a pass to Calderon, whose shot was saved by Cota. Chivas subbed out Sergio Flores for Sebastian Perez. Then after a run and a great cross from Isaac Brizuela into the area, Calderon got a diving header past Cota for the 1-1 equalizer. It was a long time coming, as Chivas had been the better team in the second half. Leon almost responded immediately when a header was cleared inches away from getting to Mosquera, who would have had a wide open header. Leon subbed out Jean Meneses, Santiago Colombatto, and Luis Montes for Omar Fernandez, Santiago Ormeño, and Fidel Ambriz. A minute later, Ormeño made a great pass to Osvaldo Rodriguez, who got a left footed shot that went just wide. Chivas made a great play when a good combination between Brizuela, Macias, and Angulo was finished by the latter with a left footed shot that Cota brilliantly saved. Leon subbed out Andres Mosquera for Juan Rangel. In the last minute, a great cross from Davila into the area was brilliantly lowered by Osvaldo Rodriguez, who got a right footed shot past Gudiño for the 2-1 game winning goal. It was the final play of the match and a great one at that, as Leon grabbed a win over a Chivas team that looked closer to getting the win, instead ending with no points.

Leon got a great result with the win at home that ends their two game losing streak in Liga MX play. They might not be happy with their level of play, as they didn’t give a great performance and might have been lucky to have gotten the win after Chivas had been the better side in the second half. With the lead, they failed to retain possession and Chivas took advantage, especially after their substitutions. Leon will now probably face an easy match against Deportivo Guastatoya in Guanajuato in CONCACAF play after getting a 2-0 away win. They will however have a tougher away match in Aguascalientes on Friday against Necaxa, but they are still the better side even if Necaxa has improved after the arrival of new coach Jaime Lozano. Chivas will rue their defensive mistakes which were key in Leon’s victory. A terrible blooper in the first half from Beltran and bad defensive work allowed Leon to score both goals. Although Chivas improved a lot in the second half, especially after Coach Michel Leaño made his substitutions, the fact is that once again their starting lineup left a lot to be desired, especially Angel Zaldivar. Chivas looked better than in their previous match, a home loss against Tigres, but will now return home to face the sensation of the season in Puebla, who are at first place and playing great football. It doesn’t look good for Chivas to change the negative funk they are in now.