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Late goal gives Chivas another victory, books ticket to Copa por Mexico final

A late goal gave Chivas the 2-1 away win against Tigres to continue in first place of their group.

via @Chivas

Chivas got their third win out of three games, coming back to get a 2-1 win over Tigres. Chivas continues atop Group B in the Copa por Mexico, qualifying for the final in a great start to the era of new coach Veljko Paunovic. Chivas will close out their group play with a match against their city rivals Atlas, while Tigres will play against Santos. Both matches are going to be played next Tuesday.

The first half stared with both teams coming out with strong lineups; Chivas a combination of the team that defeated Santos. An early cross into the area found Santiago Ormeño, but his header went wide. Tigres then wasted an incredible chance when a cross into the area found a wide open Luis Quiñones, but he made a terrible volley and sent the ball wide from close range. Then from outside the area Javier Aquino got off a good shot, but Chivas’ goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez also did a poor job trying to stop the ball and it bounced into the net for the 1-0 lead for Tigres. While not much had happened in the match, Tigres had gotten a surprise lead at home. After an injury, Jesus Sanchez had to be taken out of the match, and Chivas subbed in Alan Mozo in his place. Tigres meanwhile also made an early sub by taking out Juan Pablo Vigon for Sebastian Cordova. Zahid Muñoz got into the area and got off a right footed shot, forcing Tigres’ goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman to make a save. Guzman also made a save off a corner kick after mistiming the cross. The halftime whistle blew, and Tigres took a deserved lead into the locker room. Chivas however had also shown some things for stretches of the first half, and were by no means out of the game.

The second half started with Chivas subbing out Zahid Muñoz and Cristian Calderon for Eduardo Torres and Alejandro Mayorga. Torres had a shot from outside the area, but it went wide. After getting the ball in the area, Nicolas Lopez got a left footed shot that forced Jimenez to make a save. Chivas then wasted an incredible play after Guzman lost the ball, but instead of taking the shot, Torres decided to pass the ball to Ormeño, who was offside since he was behind goalkeeper Guzman. Ormeño got off a shot that Jesus Alberto Angulo cleared off the line, but the play had been stopped because of Torres’ mistake. A cross into the area found Quiñones, who made a terrible header and basically cleared the ball instead of converting the goal. Then Mayorga got off a good cross into the area that went over the head of two Tigres defenders and Guzman, and Isaac Brizuela was there to volley the ball into the empty net and score the goal that gave them the 1-1 tie. Tigres subbed out Nicolas Lopez for Fernando Gorriaran. From way outside the area, Guido Pizarro got a good left footed shot that forced a good save from Jimenez. Tigres then subbed out Rafael Carioca for Florian Thauvin. Chivas meanwhile subbed out Sergio Flores for Ruben Gonzalez. There was controversy when Quiñones looked to have been brought down in the area, but no foul was called. Chivas subbed out Pavel Perez and Santiago Ormeño for Sebastian Perez Bouquet and Luis Puente. Then after Tigres lost the ball, Chivas got it in a great place for an attack. Brizuela then made a good pass into the path of Eduardo Torres, who got into the area and got a right footed shot past Guzman for the 2-1 lead late. Chivas took advantage of a bad mistake by Angulo to take the lead. Tigres tried to come back but it was too little to late and Chivas got their third victory in the tournament.

Chivas got a key victory that qualified the team to the Copa por Mexico final. With 9 points, no team in Group B will be able to match Chivas, and they will now play the Clasico Tapatio knowing that they will be playing for the final on December 30th. While the game was even at times, Chivas struck at the right times to get their win. Tigres will rue the missed chances on their opener against Mazatlan as them not being able to hold the lead tonight. They will play against Santos in their final group game on Tuesday before taking aim at the Clausura 2023.