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Chivas crush Santos, climb to the top of Group B in Copa por Mexico

Chivas got a second win in the Group of Mexico by a 4-0 score over Santos.

via @Chivas

Chivas continued their good start in the Copa por Mexico with a solid 4-0 win over Santos. The win places Chivas as the leader of Group B with six points, as they have won both of their matches. An early lead helped them massively as Santos tried to come back but couldn’t make up the difference. Chivas will now face Tigres on Thursday, while Santos plays a day later against Mazatlan.

The first half started with Chivas coming out with a completely different starting 11 than the one from their match against Mazatlan. Chivas struck early on when the ball fell into the path of Santiago Ormeño, who got a right footed shot past Santos’ goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo for the 1-0 lead. Chivas then had another chance when Alejandro Mayorga got off a left footed shot that went just wide. A minute later, a run into the area found Isaac Brizuela, who got a shot off that Acevedo saved. The rebound then fall back to Brizuela, who got a shot off that Raul Lopez deflected into the net in an own goal to give Chivas the 2-0 lead. Chivas was coming into the match red hot, and it was paying off. Chivas then got a free kick from outside the area. The shot deflected off the wall and into the path of Santiago Ormeño, who made a good move and then got off a strong right footed shot past Acevedo for the 3-0 lead. A good run into the area turned into a shot from Zahid Muñoz but it was deflected wide. In the ensuing corner kick, Luis Olivas rose and his header had to be cleared off the line by a Santos player. After a shot got deflected, Harold Preciado got a great volley that forced Chivas’ goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez to make a great save in Santos’ first chance of the match. After a good run Juan Brunetta got off a shot that hit the post. The first half ended and although Santos had improved, Chivas still had a commanding lead.

The second half started and Santos subbed out Carlos Acevedo, Harold Preciado, Matheus Doria, Eduardo Aguirre, Alan Cervantes, Raul Lopez, Hugo Rodriguez, Rivaldo Lozano, and Diego Medina for Miguel Lajud, Javier Correa, Cecilio Dominguez, Felix Torres, Omar Campos, Kevin Picon, Oscar Manzanares, Salvador Mariscal, and Jair Gonzalez. In the first play of the half just 15 seconds in, a cross into the area from Brizuela found a wide open Santiago Ormeño, who headed the ball past Lajud for the 4-0 lead. Chivas came close again when a header was just out of reach of Ormeño, who would have had a tap in. A free kick taken by Mayorga came close to being a great goal, but it went just inches wide. Chivas then subbed out Ruben Gonzalez, Zahid Muñoz, Santiago Ormeño, and Sebastian Perez Bouquet for Sergio Flores, Fernando Beltran, Luis Puente, and Pavel Perez. Santos meanwhile subbed out Juan Brunetta for Eduardo Perez. Perez had a good chance, but he took too long and his shot was blocked by a defender. Chivas subbed out Alejandro Mayorga, Isaac Brizuela, and Jesus Sanchez for Cristian Calderon, Jose Gonzalez, and Andre Marioni. Santos then subbed out Jose Avila for Diego Martinez. Santos had some chances, but they failed to produce any danger out of them. Chivas subbed out Alan Torres for Diego Campillo. The ref did not give any injury time as the match had been decided and on a great hat trick by Ormeño, Chivas had their second straight win in the Copa por Mexico.

It was a very convincing win for Chivas, who took an early lead and dominated the match. Santos improved after a terrible start, but it was too late and the very early goal in the second half settled things. Chivas will get a big boost from Santiago Ormeño scoring a hat trick, hoping he finally achieves the promise since his arrival after a terrible first season with the team. Chivas is the only team in the competition to have won both matches, but they will face a tough task against Tigres on Thursday. Meanwhile Santos had a disastrous start and although they improved, the match was over after that second goal and they will need to improve a lot to get something out of the tournament. They will face Mazatlan on Friday, who are also winless so far.