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Pumas and Toluca battle to another tie in Copa por Mexico

Goals finally came in the preseason tournament, but the ties continued after Pumas and Toluca played to a 1-1 tie.

Pumas v Toluca - Copa Por Mexico 2022 Photo by Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

A late goal from Pumas made it three out of three in the Copa por Mexico, as Pumas and Toluca tied with a 1-1 score line. After two scoreless ties in the first match day, the streak continued with Pumas and Toluca but at least the first goals of the tournament came in. Pumas will now face Cruz Azul on Friday, while Toluca will wait until Monday to return to action and face America.

The first half started with both teams coming out with a very strong lineup in a very sparsely attended match. A cross into the area found Fernando Navarro, whose shot was deflected wide. Toluca was clearly dominating when a header by Valbir Huerta was deflected by Diogo de Oliveira, in what could have come close to have been a goal had he not done so. Sebastian Saucedo got off a great left footed shot that went just wide. Toluca kept pressuring and having better chances but failed to create much danger. Pumas had a good opportunity when Juan Ignacio Dinenno got the ball in the area, but took too much time to get off a shot and the ball was cleared off his feet. The halftime whistle blew and just as every half played so far in the tournament, it left a lot to be desired.

The second half started with Eduardo Salvio being subbed out for Jorge Ruvalcaba. Pumas had a good chance when Ulises Rivas got a shot from outside the area, forcing Toluca’s goalkeeper Gustavo Gutierrez to make a save. Pumas missed an incredible chance when Ruvalcaba made a pass to a wide open Diogo, who got off a shot that was incredibly saved by Gutierrez in a great move from him but a bad miss from Diogo, who should have scored. Toluca had a great chance when Saucedo got a header that Pumas’ goalkeeper Julio Gonzalez made a great deflection on, with the ball hitting the post before getting cleared. Pumas subbed out Ulises Rivas, Santiago Trigos, and Gustavo del Prete for Edgar Alafita, Higor Mertiao, and Jose Gonzalez. Then off a corner kick, Carlos Gonzalez got a wide open header, even with a couple of defenders near, and the ball went past Julio Gonzalez for the 1-0 lead. Toluca subbed out Sebastian Saucedo and Fernando Navarro for Alan Rodriguez and Carlos Orrantia. Pumas tried to come back, however Dinenno wasted a chance with a header that was easily saved by Gutierrez. Pumas then subbed out Pablo Bennevendo for Carlos Gutierrez. Toluca meanwhile subbed out Carlos Gonzalez and Jean Meneses for Camilo Sanvezzo and Isaias Violante. Very quickly Sanvezzo got off a right footed shot that forced Gonzalez to make a great save. Arturo Ortiz then got a shot from way outside the area, but the ball went just wide. Toluca then subbed out Jorge Rodriguez for Jordan Sierra. Then after Violante looked to have handled the ball, a penalty kick was given to Pumas. Juan Ignacio Dinenno stepped up to take the shot, and with a strong right footed shot scored the 1-1 equalizer. There was little time left, and the match ended with the third straight tie in the tournament.

It wasn’t the greatest game but at least the scoreless streak in the Copa por Mexico ended with the 1-1 result between Pumas and Toluca. Toluca was the slightly better team, but a tie was not out of the question as Pumas hadn’t necessarily been dominated or anything close to that. Pumas did fail to show much in the almost official debut of Coach Rafa Puente, Jr. but as a preseason tournament, it was to be expected. They will hope to improve as they face Cruz Azul on Friday while Toluca will have almost a week of rest before they face America on Monday.