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“Canelo” Álvarez finally corrects himself amid failed attempt at defaming Messi

The great Mexican boxer decided to course correct after taking out his World Cup frustrations on the all-time great Messi.

Saul Alvarez and Liam Smith Press Conference Photo by Omar Vega/LatinContent via Getty Images

Shameful, embarrassing, and classless are just a few words to sum up what Mexican boxer Saúl Álvarez tweeted to Messi regarding a Mexico jersey on the floor in Argentina’s locker room. Álvarez was ticked off at the video where Messi supposedly kicked a Mexico jersey on the floor while celebrating the victory with his teammates. He basically threatened the all-time great footballer by tweeting, “He better ask God that I don’t bump into him!” Followed by two closed fist emojis. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

Really Canelo? Did he disrespectfully kick the Mexico jersey and insult an entire nation in that moment? Or was he just taking his boots off and happened to nick the shirt which was right in front of him? Considering Messi’s impeccable track record of humbleness and respect for others, just take a second and try to reason which of the two options makes more sense.

I have two words for Canelo: sour grapes. He just couldn’t take the idea of Mexico losing yet again to Argentina, and upon stumbling on this video where Messi grazes the sweaty, dirty Mexico jersey on the ground, decided to get a little international attention and make himself and his entire country a false victim. Terrible strategy on Álvarez’s part. What he ought to do is a little something called “learn how to lose” and stop blaming others for Mexico’s own self-inflicted demise. Even Miguel Layún and Andrés Guardado came to Messi’s aid:

Grandes, Layún y Guardado. Great showing on their part and speaks volumes to their objectiveness, fairness, and overall person, as they weren’t afraid of speaking their minds for what is right. Both basically explain that Canelo has no idea what goes on in a football locker room because he’s never been a professional football player. But the dynamic in a locker room is that anything left on the ground goes in the washer, and anything that’s not, doesn’t. That’s why the jersey was on the floor.

Messi’s response

The wording Leo chose to answer back at Canelo was fantastic to say the least, and even nicer than he could’ve been: “I think it was a misunderstanding. Who knows me, knows I never disrespect anyone, and it’s part of what happens after a match in a locker room, to leave the jersey there, and that’s it. I don’t have to apologize because I don’t think I disrespected the people of Mexico, the shirt, or anyone.” Spoken like a true pro, as usual on La Pulga’s part.

Canelo’s apology

Finally, after three full days, the boxer came to his senses yesterday and apologized to Messi about an hour prior to the start of the Group C matches. You can read his full apology below:

It was the very least he could do. That being said, it does disappoint me it took him three days to recognize and publicly admit his mistake. Should’ve taken him much less. A ridiculous accusation, but a happy ending nonetheless. If Canelo is angry at anyone, it should be at Yon de Luisa and the rest of FMF executives who have done nothing but sink the quality of Mexican players and retrogress the status of the Mexican National Team, with the latest result coming yesterday, snapping Mexico’s 7 straight Round of 16 appearances in a World Cup.

And so, we can finally put this cheap problem to rest and move on enjoying the World Cup, as we should. And a piece of advice for Canelo: Ask around next time and make sure before publicly accusing someone of such a strong action, and know the person you’re accusing as well, ensuring he’s capable of such an act. Messi wouldn’t hurt a fly, yet he stomped on a jersey and purposely disrespected an entire nation? It never added up from the start. Know who to be angry at. Oh, and also, next time don’t just threaten someone. Just because you punch people for a living doesn’t mean it’s how you fix real world problems. Grow up and learn how to have a debate. If Mexico was disrespected in any way here, it was because of you. Hopefully you do learn from your mistake.