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Al Grito de Guerra: Mexican National Team Documentary released on Vix+

Clio’s 6 episode series will be about the Mexican National team’s recent history just prior to the 2022 World Cup

The World Cup is coming and Editorial Clio returns with a documentary series about the Mexican National Team in “Al Grito de Guerra” on Vix+. The people who in the 90s created what was to me the best documentary and history magazines about Mexican Football in the series “Hazaña, El Deporte Vive” are now taking on the big clashes in recent World Cup history. Leon Krauze narrates and heads the group that created the series that comes out just before the 2022 World Cup.

via @miseleccionmx

The series will be 6 episodes long and will release one episode on a weekly basis. We’ll be reviewing every episode here in FMF State of Mind, in a move that is in no way a blatant intent of copying the AV Club style of TV reviews. I also am happy to share that I am friends with one of the executive producers, Martin del Palacio, but will have no influence on my reviews or their eventual A+ grades.

The series will be shown on Vix+ in the United States and starts with the episode “Las Batallas Bulgaras,” which is based on the famous clashes with Bulgaria. The episode is free for everyone, but the rest of the episodes are available on Vix+. Episode 2 will be about Germany and is titled “La Maquina Alemana,” while Episode 3 is about the biggest rivalry against the United States, called “Enemigo Intimo.”