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Because everything is a Novela, boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez makes “threat” against Lionel Messi

After a video came out of Messi kicking a Mexican NT shirt, boxer Saul Alvarez got mad and made it known on twitter.

Canelo Alvarez v Liam Smith Photo by Omar Vega/LatinContent via Getty Images

As if things couldn’t get crazier around the Argentina vs Mexico match, boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (or somebody who handles his twitter account) has made a “threat” on Argentine forward Lionel Messi after video surfaced of Messi kicking a Mexican National Team shirt in the celebrations of Argentina’s 2-0 win over Mexico, Alvarez released a series of tweets that basically implied that Messi should be lucky to never meet him, implying he might get physical because of the supposed lack of respect.

The tweets were as follows

via @Canelo

The Mexico vs Argentina match had a lot of clashes on the internet and even in the stadium, but overall the video coming out from Messi seemed to be a surprise as Messi had always spoken well of Mexico. He even played a friendly in Mexico City for his charity, the same place where his cousin Maximiliano Biancuchi played with Cruz Azul. While Messi is Argentina’s (and perhaps the entire planet’s) biggest sporting star, Canelo Alvarez is seen as the biggest sporting star in Mexico for many people as he ranks as one of the top boxer, and unfortunately for Messi, boxing is kind of a better sport in preparation for a clash.

Still in the end, nothing should come of this except to see that everything related to Mexico is set to be crazy. Maybe somebody tell that scoring a hat trick against Poland would really help Mexico’s chances to make it to the next round...