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Mexicans Abroad in Europe

Take a look below to see how the Mexican Internationals overseas are doing halfway through the season.

Feyenoord v Excelsior Rotterdam - Dutch Eredivisie Photo by Peter Lous/Orange Pictures/BSR Agency/Getty Images

With the club season on break in Europe for the World Cup, here’s a look at some of the Mexicans Abroad and how they’ve fared so far this season.

Andres Guardado: Spain - La Liga - Real Betis

Sat out the first few games of the season as he was unable to play because the team was not able to register him with the league after signing a contract extension. He has only played eight games totaling 303 minutes so far and was even an unused substitute in four games. This start to the season hasn’t been the best since Guardado needed as many minutes as possible before the World Cup that he was unable to get.

Tecatito: Spain - La Liga - Sevilla

Has been injured since August. He made a big push to be ready to make the roster for the World Cup, but eventually it was decided he was not fit enough.

Marcelo Flores: Spain - Segunda División - Real Oviedo

Many said the move to the Second Division was going to be the best decision for the youngster so he could receive minutes that he was not getting in England, but the move to Spain hasn’t been proven to be the best decision so far. In 16 games, Flores has only started four games and has yet to score. It doesn’t help that the team fired their head coach after 11 games due to poor results and the team has not been able to leave the bottom half of the table since then. Even though the results have not been there, the move is good for the youngster’s development as he has big dreams to represent Mexico, and this move will help him further himself.

Daniel Alonso Aceves: Spain - Segunda Division - Real Oviedo

The youngster had an incredible start to his career in the Second Division, but then he hit a slump. He went from securing a starting role for six weeks straight to being benched for five straight. This was during the time the club was struggling to get any wins, so it made sense why he lost his starting role since the coach wanted to try new things, but it didn’t make sense why he didn’t see any minutes at all. Yes, Alonso Aceves needed to fight to regain a starting role, but to completely cut him off did not make sense. After the head coach was fired, a new one was brought in and the youngster reclaimed his starting role, but so far the team remains in 17th place which is where they have spent the majority of their season.

Jordan Carrillo: Spain - Segunda Division - Sporting Gijon

When the young player was first announced as a Sporting Gijon signing, many hoped he would have a great time while away on loan. However, it’s not the case and Carrillo has had a rough time in Spain. He played some minutes in a handful of preseason matches, but once the season came around, he would be an unused sub most of the games. He spent weeks on the bench before making his official European debut and has only played in four games so far this season. He’s only seen limited minutes so far because, according to his coach, he’s struggled to adapt to European play. This is understandable as players who have come from the Mexican league have stated it can be difficult to adjust to a whole new style of play. As the weeks go on, hopefully the youngster can continue to adjust and earn minutes so when he makes his way back to Mexico, he has European experience under his belt.

Diego Lainez: Portugal - Premeira Liga - SC Braga

During preseason, Lainez was not on the roster for any international friendlies. That raised alarm bells for many people who assumed he’d make a move to another team where he’d get minutes, since he did have the goal to make it to the World Cup. Eventually, he was loaned out to Portuguese side SC Braga for the season where he’s made six appearances and scored one goal. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the Qatar roster and will now look towards the second half of the season where he hopes to have more playing time.

Santiago Gimenez: Netherlands - Eredivisie - Feyenoord

Out of all the youngsters in Europe, Gimenez has had the best experience so far. He’s played 18 games in total for Feyenoord, a combination of domestic and Europa League, and has scored 6 goals. His four goals have made him the leader for the golden boot in the Europa League. While he hasn’t seen a lot of action, he has made the most out of the limited minutes he’s been given. Even when he only played five games for Cruz Azul during the Apertura 2022, he scored five goals. He left for the Netherlands in top form and has continued to show he has a great future ahead. On top of his great performance, Feyenoord are currently first place in the league.

Edson Alvarez: Netherlands - Eredivisie - AFC Ajax

The Mexican international has played an integral role for Ajax and went into the break with great momentum. He works very cleverly when off the ball and is a world class CDM. His offensive game can use a little bit of work, but he makes up for it by chipping away at opposing offenses who try to make their way into the final third. After a terrible showing for Ajax in the Champions League, everything is riding on the second half of the season. Ajax currently sit in second place, only three points behind first place Feyenoord and tied with third place PSV. Alvarez is going to have to play at the top of his game if he wants to help Ajax win the league.

Jorge Sanchez: Netherlands - Eredivisie - AFC Ajax

The youngster made his move to Europe after playing a few games with Club America. So far, he’s only played seven games and recorded one goal. He missed a few after suffering a minor injury. While he hasn’t openly struggled adapting to a new style of play in a new country, there have been growing pains. At times he has struggled in his offensive game and has been outright beaten on the right side. He has the ability to become a great player for Ajax, but Sanchez will need to work on cleaning up his performance first.

Erick Gutierrez: Netherlands - Eredivisie - PSV

Gutierrez brings balance to the midfield and has helped fix the defense when on the field for PSV. He also has a lot of quality in his left foot that has helped him score goals and contribute to the team’s great performance. The only reason PSV sit in third place is due to goal differential, but the Mexican international can surely help lead the team to first place with his solid performance in the midfield where, just like his Mexican teammate Edson Alvarez, Gutierrez’s passing rate is at 86% as well. He went into the winter break on momentum and can be a big help in the midfield for Mexico at the World Cup.

Raul Jimenez: England - Premier League - Wolverhampton Wanderers

Has not played a game since August due to a groin injury. Surprisingly, he was deemed healthy enough to play for Mexico at the World Cup despite not having done so the past three months. Hopefully he makes his way back to England without any issues because Wolverhampton are currently in last place after 15 games and are in dire need of a striker like Jimenez.

Orbelin Pineda: Greece - Super League Greece 1 - AEK Athens

Orbelin Pineda moved over to the Greek side at the beginning of the season to get more playing time and it turned out to be the best decision. After moving to Spain to play for Celta de Vigo, Pineda hoped it would be a positive move for his career but it wasn’t. He only played in seven games after his arrival in January and knew he needed more playing time during a World Cup year, hence his move to Greece. So far the Mexican international has played in 13 games and scored three times. He might be small in stature, but is very lively and explosive, whether he makes his way through the middle or on the wing. Pineda is a player who arrives at the World Cup in great form and can be a big help for Mexico when on the field.

Johan Vasquez: Italy - Serie A - US Cremonese

In June of this year, the youngster was loaned out to Cremonese from Genoa who were recently promoted to Serie A. He’s only played in seven games out of fifteen so far this season, and the Italian side find themselves in 18th place, which is a relegation spot. He’s even stated it was a big adjustment when he arrived to Italy. This makes sense considering many players who go from a league in North America to Europe sometimes struggle. With only 23 games left, Cremonese have a chance to turn their season around in order to continue in the first division. They’ve spent the majority of their time as a club in the lower divisions and it’s looking like their time might be a short one in the top flight once again. If this happens, there’s no doubt Vasquez will want to move to a team that’s playing first division football, but it’s up in the air if that’ll be with Genoa or another European team altogether.

‘Chucky’ Lozano: Italy - Serie A - Napoli

Lozano went into the winter break in great form. He has played 14 out of 15 games so far this season, recording three goals and three assists. He’s played five Champions League games, scoring one goal. While his goal count hasn’t been the highest compared to past seasons, Lozano has been an important asset for Napoli. The Italian side currently sit in first place, eight points ahead of second place Milan, and remain the only undefeated side.

Gerardo Arteaga: Belgium - Belgian First Division A - KRC Genk

Since his arrival in 2020, the Mexican international has played an important role for the Belgian side. The left-back has helped Genk make their way to the top of the table, 10 points clear of second place. He’s played in 16 games and has only missed one due to suspension, but has amassed 1,378 minutes in those 16 games. Considering his effectiveness on defense, it’s crazy to think that he hasn’t won the starting role for Mexico. Hopefully he’s given the chance in the World Cup because when on the field, Arteaga has proven he can make a big difference.

Women’s Side

Kenti Robles: Spain - Primera Division - Real Madrid

The Mexican international is in her second season with Madrid and was named one of the captains before the season started. She even helped the team defeat Manchester City on the road to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League. Of the seven UWCL games so far, Robles has appeared in six, mostly as a starter. In league play, she’s only played four of eight games. The Mexican international has spent her entire league career in Spain and will continue to at least until 2024, as she renewed with Real Madrid until that time.

Emily Alvarado: France - Division 1 Feminine - Stade de Reims

As the starting goalkeeper in France, Alvarado has played in all eight games so far this season. With only eight games, the team has only won three games so far while drawing another three and losing two. Alvarado and her backline have allowed 13 goals, which isn’t a bad start, and they’re one goal away from a goal differential of zero. In the last handful of years, the team has not placed lower than 8th or higher than 6th. With only 14 games left on the season, Alvarado and company have enough time left to turn things around and finish in the top three.

Desiree Monsivais: Scotland - SWPL 1 - Glasgow City

When the Mexican international announced she had signed for Glasgow after leaving Monterrey, many believed it would be a great start for her after five years in Mexico. Unfortunately, things have not gone well. At first, many assumed she was injured and the team weren’t communicating it, but that wasn’t the case. Monsivais has been left off the game day roster more times than she’s played games. Eventually, the Mexican herself came out with a statement saying things have not gone as planned and she’s working hard to play again. Hopefully things get better, because she scored 119 goals in Liga MX Femenil (the first player to reach that milestone) and everyone knows when she’s in form, she’s a player that’s hard to contain and a valuable asset for her team.