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America capitalize on Puebla’s defensive errors in 1-6 thrashing

La Franja were just no match for America, who easily blew past them with six goals.

Puebla v America - Playoffs Torneo Apertura 2022 Liga MX Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Error after error cost Puebla the game as America came back after being down a goal and turned it all around to win the first leg 1-6 on the road.

The game started off with America creating multiple chances, but were not able to capitalize on them. In the first minute, Henry Martin was in Puebla’s area when he suddenly let himself drop in the box hoping to draw a penalty when he could’ve taken a shot instead. Two minutes later, Alejandro Zendejas had a clear shot inside the box and instead of shooting immediately. held onto the ball and Puebla goalkeeper Antony Silva came out to make the save. In doing so, Silva got hit in the forehead by Zendejas, who jumped over the goalkeeper in order to avoid a collision. The medical team came out to take a look at Silva and were able to stop the bleeding, and the game eventually went on.

While America held most of the possession, they were unable to capitalize on their chances and looked a bit disjointed with their passes. Some of them weren’t connecting and there was a Puebla player there to intercept if a pass fell short, so it was no surprise when in the 14th minute, Puebla struck first. Maxi Araujo took the ball up America’s right flank and passed it to Omar Fernandez, who then gave it to Federico Mancuello who took the shot outside of the area. Jordi Cortizo, however, was there to redirect the ball towards goal. An incredible sequence between the four players.

That was the only goal and the only thing to go right for Puebla last night.

In the 31st minute, America were awarded a free kick outside the box and Richard Sanchez stepped up to take it. Sanchez placed the ball perfectly into the far post where Diego Valdes was unmarked and was able to head it into goal to tie up the game. Unbelievable that no one from Puebla marked Valdes. Two minutes later, Alvaro Fidalgo sent a ball into the box and Henry Martin was able to kick it past Antony to take the lead. For this goal, Martin was marked by Gaston Silva who let him go as the ball was coming towards them. Another blunder by the Puebla defense, but that wasn’t the last of it.

Going into the second half, Puebla still had a chance for a comeback as they were only down by one goal, but America had other plans. Their first goal woke them and from that point, there was no stopping them. 12 minutes into the half and America extended their lead when Nestor Araujo sent a ball from the midfield to the top, where Martin was able to control the ball and send it flying past Antony Silva to go up 1-3. For some reason, Puebla defender Lucas Maia appeared to stop running, which allowed Martin to get the shot off. Another Puebla error and another America goal.

Then, in the 64th minute, Diego Valdes was given space outside the box, so he took a shot towards goal where Silva initially blocked it, but it bounced off of him and Alejandro Zendejas followed the ball and was there to tap the rebound in for their fourth goal of the night. Eventually, Tano Ortiz made some substitutions, and one of them was Brian Rodriguez who on his first touch got a long pass from goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, and took on three Puebla defenders who were helpless to stop another goal in the 77th minute.

For the last 15 minutes of the game, Puebla continued to fight for another goal to try and close the gap a bit, but their chances led to nothing. And unfortunately for them, they couldn’t even stop America from scoring another goal.

Federico Viñas was another sub brought into the game, and two minutes into stoppage time, he sent a pass to Jonathan Rodriguez inside the box who returned the favor to Viñas since he was unmarked for the sixth and final goal of the night.

After a disastrous first game, Puebla will now head to the Azteca to play America again on Saturday night where they’ll try to at least salvage a few goals, since a win and passage to the semifinals is almost nearly impossible.