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Chivas falls against Queretaro in strange rain soaked match

Queretaro got a 1-0 victory in a match that took three hours to complete because of a thunderstorm.

Queretaro v Chivas - Torneo Apertura 2021 Liga MX Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

In a very strange match, Queretaro was able to get their second victory after defeating Chivas by a 1-0 score. It was a match that took three hours to play after a thunderstorm forced a delay of an hour because of lighting in the 36th minute of play. The match was able to be played again, but the rain continued which led to a very strange atmosphere. Chivas had improved with a tie in the Superclasico, but they went back to struggling after losing to a Queretaro team that came in in last place. Chivas will now have a tough match at home when they face their second biggest rival in the Clasico Tapatio against Atlas, while Queretaro might have an even tougher match as they travel to face Toluca.

The first half started with Chivas coming out with a different lineup, including the return of Gilberto Sepulveda to the starting lineup as well as Alejandro Mayorga for the injured Isaac Brizuela. Chivas started well, getting more chances at first although none were clear opportunities. After a run by Uriel Antuna led to a pass, it looked like Christian Calderon was brought down in the area but no penalty kick was given. Queretaro came close in the first opportunity when Kevin Ramirez made a great run, and his cross just came inches from finding a Queretaro attacker. Queretaro came very close again when off of a corner kick, Daniel Cervantes rose to head the ball and hit the post. On the rebound, Rafael Escamilla got a shot but Chivas’ goalkeeper Raul Gudiño was able to get the ball. Chivas then got a chance when a shot from Antuna forced Queretaro’s goalkeeper Washington Aguerre to make a save. Then after 35 minutes, a thunderstorm forced the game to be paused because of the danger of lightning. The stoppage took more than an hour before the game could re-start. It was announced that halftime would only last eight minutes instead of the normal fifteen. Queretaro had the first opportunity after the re-start when Ramirez got off a left footed shot that forced Gudiño to make a save. Queretaro came close again with a shot from Pablo Barrera that was blocked by Chivas’ defense. Chivas answered with a good low shot from Antuna that forced Aguerre to make a great save. Off a corner kick, Ramirez had a close range chance that Gudiño blocked, but it was ruled to be offside.

The second half started with Chivas subbing out Alejandro Mayorga for Angel Zaldivar, seemingly going more offensive. After a free kick, the ball got cleared before Kevin Balanta got to the ball, which ended with the ball finding Jonathan Dos Santos in the area. Dos Santos got a left footed shot past Gudiño for the 1-0 lead. It was a great start for the home side, which forced Chivas to open up. Chivas tried to respond, with Antuna getting off a low shot that Aguerre. Queretaro subbed out Jonathan Dos Santos and Bryan Olivera for Raul Torres and David Cabrera. Later on, Chivas subbed out Cristian Calderon, Jesus Ricardo Angulo, and Gilberto Sepulveda for Miguel Ponce, Cesar Huerta, and Carlos Cisneros. Ponce hit a good long range shot that Aguerre gave up a rebound straight into the path of Huerta, who then shot it straight into Aguerre’s arm. Rafael Escamilla looked to be injured and had to be taken out of the game, with Jefferson Montero coming in for him. Chivas came close with a shot from Sergio Flores that forced Aguerre to once again give up a rebound. Antuna got to it and shot, forcing Aguerre to make another save off of a shot that hit the post. Queretaro subbed out Kevin Ramirez and Maximiliano Perg for Nicolas Sosa and Alexis Doldan. It looked like Angel Zaldivar got brought down in the area, but the referee failed to give a penalty. Chivas came close again with a free kick that was headed wide by Ponce. After a last minute scramble, Queretaro came close to scoring with a shot by Montero that went wide. That would be all, and in a very atypical match Queretaro got the win.

After a big step for Chivas in getting a tie against Club America, they went right back to struggling by losing their next match. Queretaro came into the match in last place in the league. Chivas struggled, although the match conditions hurts both teams especially the hour break in the middle of the first half. Chivas had players that struggled, especially Alexis Vega who was a ghost in Queretaro. Still they might have been overlooking the match with a big matchup as Atlas, who is having a better season than Chivas even after also losing this Tuesday. Queretaro got a big boost with their win, but will still have a tough look. The team hasn’t looked much better since the arrival of new coach Leonardo Ramos, but they got a great win. Still they will have a tough match away to Toluca where it looks like they will go back to struggling against better teams.