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Superclasico Match Preview: America vs Chivas

First placed America will face a struggling Chivas in the biggest game in Liga MX.

Chivas v America - Torneo Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX Photo by Alfredo Moya/Jam Media/Getty Images

The biggest game in Mexican football returns, as the two most popular teams face each other in totally different circumstances. Club America is coming into the match in first place, and although they just had their first loss of the season, they will be hosting and the heavy favorites against a Chivas team that won list time out but is in the middle of turmoil as they fired Coach Victor Manuel Vucetich and will have Michel Leaño as an interim coach.

Club America will be hosting Chivas as a team that while fans might not be happy with their play, they are in first place nonetheless. America has had a great season so far that even included a 2-0 win against Chivas in a friendly played in Dallas during the September FIFA break. Yet America chose a bad time to get their first loss when they were defeated by a 3-1 score against a Toluca side that climbed all the way to second place with the win. This also adds up that while America has been successful, many fans aren’t happy with the way they are playing. America is a team that had prided itself on playing offensive minded, free-flowing football but now are a team that looks more solid defensively and that produces very little offensive opportunities. Their defense has also decreased in their effectiveness, especially in the Toluca match. Still America sits in first place and will be heavy favorites, as they are at home and have the much better squad. Last season they got a big 3-0 victory over Chivas in a time where they weren’t as opposed in their play. America will be favored, but will need to come big to stop a potential losing streak.

Chivas is coming into a Superclasico in the midst of yet another crisis. After another bad start in which Chivas wasn’t playing well or getting results, they got a home win over Pachuca in a match in which they didn’t play well and where the result might not have been deserved. Still most were surprised that after getting the win and a week before their biggest game of the season, they decided to fire Victor Manuel Vucetich. It was another bad decision, not because of the firing but because of the timing of it. Now Chivas will face their biggest game with an interim coach in Michel Leaño. While Chivas might have the good news of the possible return of injured attacker Alexis Vega, they will still have a tough task against the first placed team with a coach that only has had the job a week and whose first game will be the biggest. It seems that it will be a huge upset for Chivas to even get a tie.

America against Chivas is the biggest game in Liga MX football and will have a sold out crowd (in the limited capacity because of COVID-19) and the eyes of Mexican football. Yet it might be a while since one team looks to be as heavy a favorite as America will be on Saturday Night. This might be a big bonus to a Chivas team that isn’t playing well and will have a new coach, but the situation might actually make them have little to lose and benefit. Yet they will have to give a great performance against an America team that might crumble on the pressure but who would win over most fans should they meet their expectations.