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PODCAST: Concacaf Super League incoming?

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Leon v Toronto - Concacaf Champions League 2021 Photo by Leopoldo Smith/Getty Images

Antonio and Nes decide to give the FMFSOM Podcast CPR this week and bring it back to life, only to stop by the European Super League’s funeral, just to make sure it was dead.

That’s right, folks, by this time you all know about the ESL and how it almost tore apart The Beautiful Game right in front of our eyes.

The events from that scandal taught us all a lot, including: how powerful football fans are (and can be), how little owners care about the game or their own teams, and how much it has become all about money.

We probably will see something like this again in the future, and it might even be the MLS-Liga MX merged league both countries have been alluding to for so long.

We share our thoughts on that project, what it may look like, some pros and cons (lots of cons), and ultimately have a deep discussion on how “The World’s Game” can become just as corrupt and morally backwards as the world around it.

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