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Eugenio Derbez’s nephew has sight set on Toluca senior team

Midfielder Louis Victor Estrada Derbez said hi to his famous uncle in a cool gesture. His uncle, in turn, responded in an even cooler one.

2019 Latin American Music Awards - Arrivals Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Apparently, the Derbez bloodline isn’t just talented in front of a camera for screen acting or related purposes. That’s right. Louis Victor Estrada Derbez, Eugenio Derbez’s nephew, is a member of Toluca’s U-17 squad. Last season, he played in nearly every game, most times as a starter, participating in 16 total matches (10 as a starter), logged 863 minutes, and scored his first goal in the category. Not a bad start. This season has been a bit different. He’s only managed to participate in 6 matches (2 as a starter), totalling just 204 minutes.

Originally from San Luis Potosí, Louis began playing for the Toluca youth academy during the Apertura 2018, at the age of 15. In an interview with QueTal magazine back in October, he said he observes William da Silva and thinks they both have similar traits in their game, highlighting his box-to-box effectiveness. He also had this to say regarding his future: “My first and short-term (goal) is to continue having a good participation in my category, mid-term is to be called up to the senior squad and debut, as well as become a leader for the team, given how long it’s been since Toluca last had a true leader, someone who shows true love for the colors.” He added that long-term, he has plans to play in Europe one day.

But why would an U-17 player pop up in the news all of a sudden? The reason is Louis sent his famous uncle an autographed Toluca jersey, with his number on it (#245) and the whole shabang. Derbez answered by posting a picture of him on Instagram wearing the jersey and thanking his nephew for the kind gesture. Toluca’s official twitter account made sure to get it out there just a few hours ago today.

The message by the Estado de México club reads: “Thank you for supporting our youth academy @EugenioDerbez. The color red suits you much better. Goal hug!” For those of you wondering, the reason they made reference to the color is because of Derbez’s widely known support for Cruz Azul. Many have speculated on whether or not this means the actor has now changed sides and supports the Diablos Rojos. I personally don’t buy it, as he does have a strong affection for La Máquina, and here it appears he was simply thanking his nephew in a public fashion. What is certain is that this was a great publicity stunt for Toluca. The club has received national attention because of this and they’re loving every second of it. And rightfully so, as these kinds of moments in football and sports are an absolute must. Without them, the game alone would mean nothing at all.