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Clausura 2022 transfer rumor mill

Sebastián Córdova and Fabián Castillo could be on the move during this offseason. Here’s what’s cooking so far.

Pachuca v America - Torneo Apertura 2021 Liga MX Photo by Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images

With Atlas defeating León a couple nights ago and ultimately ending their 70-year title drought, the offseason has officially begun. Sure, many eliminated teams have already begun making moves and bolstering their rosters as best possible for the upcoming season, which by the way, is a mere three and a half weeks away. With the arrival of the offseason, many names ring louder for some clubs than for others, and while there’s no way of confirming these rumors until a player has actually signed for a club, it’s always interesting to see what conversations are being held around the league, especially when you have a reliable source in the mix of things.

And so, without further ado, here’s a little of what’s twirling in the Liga MX breeze:

  • SEBASTIAN CORDOVA. As we all know, the 24-year old Mexican international appears to be on the move from América, seeking higher professional goals. Another possible cause that could’ve led to this point is a claimed wear-and-tear in his relationship with Solari. Whatever the truth may be, buzz of his transfer is as loud as ever. The most popular versions have the Mexican star headed more than likely to Tigres, where he would obviously reunite with Miguel Herrera. There are even stories of him possibly headed to his current club’s most hated rivals, Chivas. Now, these previous stories obviously make a lot of sense, and are indeed the more probable destinations. With that being said, my source tells me to hold our horses, as Córdova could indeed have an immediate future in another league, such as the MLS for instance. If this were true, it appears NY Red Bulls and Inter Miami would be leading in the race. This particular situation is to be taken seriously, as the player’s agent is reportedly still open to offers. We could know his destination by the end of the week.
Mazatlan FC v FC Juarez - Torneo Apertura 2021 Liga MX Photo by Sergio Mejia/Getty Images
  • FABIAN CASTILLO. The Colombian left-winger has proven he is dangerous. He’s shown off his speed and goal-scoring abilities, as well as his passing and crossing skills. He can be his team’s attacking focal point if he wants to be. That’s just how good he is. However, his problem has been consistency. He’s an extremely up-and-down player and can’t be relied upon night in and night out. My source tells me the ex-Querétaro and ex-Tijuana speedster has attracted attention from at least a couple teams around the league. Who are those interested? I thought you’d ask. Mainly, Toluca. Passively, Pumas. Despite the latter being unlikely due to their low spending track record, they do remain contenders. However, what could complicate things is the fact Tuca and company in Juárez appear to be high on the Colombian and don’t look to have him transfer-listed of yet. With that being said, you never know what can happen in the world of football and this case is one worth tracking.
  • For this next one, my source tells me there’s an experienced, high-caliber Brazilian center-back who currently plays in his home country’s league, who is very likely to be on the move this winter. There are offers for him from different clubs around the world, but the reason he’s being included here is of course due to the fact there’s a good chance he ends up in a Liga MX team uniform. Some Mexican clubs have been presented with him as an option, such as Necaxa and Tijuana. Those aren’t the only ones, however. There are bigger clubs involved and interested as well, and we’ll leave it at that for now. As soon as and if there’s more on this, we’ll let you know.
  • ALDO MOTA. This 21-year old defender has yet to make his professional debut with Tigres. The youngster has waited around long enough and has reportedly told the club he wants out. A Bolivian club named Always Ready actually approached Tigres with an offer recently. FYI, this club will be playing its second Copa Libertadores in a row and has risen quickly within the Bolivian football ranks. Worth keeping an eye on what happens to this Mexican youngster, as it’s not every day a club who plays in such an important tournament shows such interest in a player who hasn’t even stepped on a field for a First Division match in Mexico.

It will undoubtedly be worth keeping an eye on all these cases and seeing how they ultimately play out. More to come as we approach the Clausura 2022 season.