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International women’s friendly match recap: México 0, Canada 0

Both teams put forth a strong defensive showing, earning a 0-0 draw.

Desiree Scott of Canada battles for possession with Alison Gonzalez of Mexico during the Women’s International Friendly between Mexico and Canada at Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes on November 30, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

México and Canada were always going to come out playing a different game than their previous 2-1 result, and while that game was more lopsided and offensively focused, this one was dead even and a defensive slugfest, ending with a 0-0 draw that both teams can be proud of.

Canada started out on the front foot, determined not to get bullied around like they did during portions of the last game. México to their credit anticipated this, and absorbed much of the pressure without letting Canada get a good look at goal. The first chance of the game came in the 18th minute when Nichelle Prince went in on goal and hit a shot. Emily Alvarado stopped it but the ball squirted free allowing Prince a second look, but her shot as she drifted wide to chase the ball went into the side netting. IN the 27th there was a bit of a scrum for the ball when Canada drove straight into the México box but was stopped by the defense. After a couple of seconds the ball emerged, squirting back to Quinn, but their resulting shot went well over the bar. In the 34th Sura Yekka drove down and hit a shot that Alvarado stopped. Quinn again got the rebound, but this time their shot was blocked by the México defense and cleared out.

México finally got an opportunity in the 42nd minute when María Sánchez made a nice move down the left and hit a cross, but it was knocked out by a Canadian defender for a corner kick. Unfortunately for México, the corner kick went nowhere and the first half ended in a very defensive draw.

The second half was a lot more open than the first. María Sánchez had the first good chance in the 50th minute with a shot that went just wide of the net. In the 51st Canada floated in a pass from the right wing into the box, but Emily Alvarado was able to go up and get it to negate the chance. México applied some sustained pressure in the 58th minute, but couldn’t quite get a shot off and it eventually went out for a goal kick. Both teams did well to move the ball an free the play up more than the first half, but both were defensively responsible and didn’t let much go through.

After the hydration break, Canada had a great chance in the 78th minute when a poor giveaway deep lead to Jordyn Huitema going in on goal and getting a shot, but Alvarado came up huge to make the save and preserve the clean sheet. Then at the other end it was a breakaway that resulted in Jackie Ovalle getting in on goal and taking a shot but Kailen Sheridan met the moment and made the save. In the 83rd it was Alvarado’s turn to make another big save, stoning Jenna Hellstrom from close range on a breakaway for Canada. Both teams were slowing down as time went on, although the chances stared favoring México. Myra Delgadillo hit a wonderful cross in stoppage that a Canadian defender played perfectly to keep it from both Licha Cervantes and Stephany Mayor. Then a minute later it was Alexia Delgado with a shot from deep that was blocked. Ultimately however both teams played a solid match but were unable to break through to get a game winning goal, and the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

México: Emily Alvarado; Jimena López (Bianca Sierra, 46’), Rebeca Bernal, Cristina Ferral, Kenti Robles; Diana García, Nancy Antonio (Alexia Delgado, 46’); María Sánchez (Jacqueline Ovalle, 68’), Stephany Mayor, Daniela Espinosa (Joseline Montoya, 46’, Alicia Cervantes, 83’); Alison González (Myra Delgadillo, 89’)

Canada: Kailen Sheridan; Quinn (Julia Grosso, 55’), Allysha Champan, Vanessa Gilles, Kadeisha Buchanan; Deanne Rose (Jordyn Huitema, 61’), Desiree Scott, Sura Yekka (Marie Levasseur, 55’); Nichelle Prince (Cloé Lacasse, 61’), Christine Sinclair (Jenna Hellstrom, 81’), Jessie Fleming (Victoria Pickett, 55’)

Scoring: México - None; Canada - None

Disciplinary: México - Kenti Robles (Yellow - 64’); Canada - Allysha Champan (Yellow - 51’), Kadeisha Buchanan (Yellow - 53’)