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Mexico wins Revelation Cup after win over the United States.

Mexico would get a 2-1 win over the United States that gave Mexico the title by being the only team to get 7 points.

via @miseleccionmx

Mexico conquered the Revelations Cup after getting their second win of the tournament with a 2-1 victory over the United States. Mexico’s win gave Mexico seven points, which neither Brazil or Colombia could reach with their game later that night, giving Mexico the tournament. Mexico ended the tournament with their seven points while Brazil finished with six points after defeating Colombia by a 3-2 score.

Mexico started the first half being lead by Marcelo Flores and with Jesus Hernandez up top and Christian Torres and Jonathan Perez on the wings. The US came out with young star Cade Cowell. Two minutes into the match, Mexico missed an incredible opportunity when the ball fell into the area to Torres but he slipped and sent his shot well wide. Then after a great pass from Perez, Marcelo Flores got past two US defender and get a right footed shot past US goalkeeper Gabriel Slonina for the 1-0 lead. The US responded with a long shot from Brian Gutierrez that went wide. Mexico got a chance when a cross into the area was volleyed by Torres, but right into the arms of Slonina. The US responded with a shot from Cowell that forced a great save from Mexico’s goalkeeper, Emiliano Perez. While Mexico had more possession, the US was dangerous on counters, especially through Cowell. Mexico had a good counter when Perez made a good run and found Flores, but the ball was cleared off of his feet by a defender. The US then wasted a great chance when a great run by Gutierrez was finished with a cross that was cleared by a Mexican defender straight to Cowell, but his shot went wide. Then after a foul, a scuffle happened between Jesus Alcantar and Cowell. Mexico was able to hold on to their lead at halftime, but the United States had done enough to maybe warrant the tying goal.

The second half started with Mexico making three changes by subbing out Jesus Hernandez, Christian Torres, and Jesus Alcantar for Ali Avila, Bryan Gonzalez, and Alfredo Gutierrez. The United States subbed out Rokas Pukstas for Dante Sealy. Avila almost made an impact from the start when he volleyed a cross into the stands. Then after Mexico lost the ball, it allowed for a counter and after Cowell muscled to gain the ball in the area, he made a great pass that found Diego Luna, who got a shot past Perez for the 1-1 equalizer. Mexico tried to answer back, and did so with a shot by Gonzalez that forced a great save from Slonina. Mexico subbed out Fidel Ambriz for Dagoberto Espinoza. Then Marcelo Flores got into the area and got onto a cross that turned into a shot that Slonina blocked right into the path of Ali Avila, who got a right footed shot into the net for the 2-1 lead. Mexico continued to have chances, and Flores got off a shot that was saved by Slonina. The United States then subbed out Caleb Wylie for Kayden Pierre while Mexico subbed out Jonathan Perez for Kerel Campos. The US had a chance when Pierre made a good cross into the area that Luna connected with, but his shot went wide. The US subbed out Jeremy Garay for Malick Sanogo. After Campos battled for a ball, it fell to Avila, whose shot was deflected wide. Mexico held on and got the win that gave them the Revelations Cup.

It was a great tournament for a Mexican U20 team that has started their preparation for the 2022 U20 CONCACAF Championship, with four losses against European competition. While it was controversial at times, Mexico performed well with Marcelo Flores leading the way, winning the trophy of standout player of the tournament. While the senior Mexican National team struggles in the World Cup Qualifiers, there have been a lot of calls for him to get a senior National Team call up, especially since he is also eligible to play for Canada, who currently sit in first place in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. Others players that stood out where Jonathan Perez, Christian Torres, and Fidel Ambriz. Mexico needs to prepare itself well as the U20 CONCACAF Championship will not only be used as the qualifiers for the U20 World Cup but also the 2024 Olympic Games. Coach Luis Perez has made a statement that things are progressing as they should to get those two tickets.