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Atletico San Luis dominate and triumph over an extremely poor Chivas

Atletico San Luis got a 3-1 victory over a Chivas team that kept making defensive mistakes and producing little offense.

Atletico San Luis v Chivas - Torneo Guard1anes 2021 Liga MX Photo by Cesar Gomez/Jam Media/Getty Images

Atletico San Luis got their first victory of the season after defeating a terrible version of Chivas by a score of 3-1. The score flattered a Chivas team, who were totally dominated and who had a terrible defensive display, making bad mistakes on every goal conceded. Atletico San Luis meanwhile improved a lot from their last game where they lost against Necaxa, even when they had an extra player and a last minute penalty kick that they wasted. They will now have a tough trip to face a rested Leon, while Chivas will need to bounce back against FC Juarez to appease their angry fans.

The game started with San Luis going on the offense from the start. Nico Ibañez got to head the ball and it hit the post. The ball then fell to Juan Castro, who got off a shot that forced Chivas’ goalkeeper, Raul Gudiño, to make a great save. Chivas wouldn’t be so lucky the next time however. Off of a free kick, Pablo Barrera’s cross found Ramiro Gonzalez, who was wide open and connected with the ball past Gudiño for the 1-0 lead. Replays showed that the reason he looked was wide open was because it looked like German Berterame had fouled Cristian Calderon. The referee went to the VAR but decided there was no foul and San Luis had their lead. Chivas tried to answer and came close when Uriel Antuna almost got to a ball before San Luis’ keeper Axel Werner did. Atletico San Luis continued on the offensive as Chivas was pushed into their area because of their attacks. 27 minutes in, Chivas made their first move by subbing out yellow carded Jesus Sanchez for Antonio Briseño. Then in a surprising move, Nicolas Ibañez was allowed to rise and head a cross alone past Gudiño. Hiram Mier did a terrible job, as he was alone with Ibañez in the area and yet just allowed him to rise to the ball and head it past Gudiño in just a terrible display of defending. Chivas tried to react, but they looked seriously rattled and failed to create much danger. San Luis had another chance when Barrera got off a shot that forced Gudiño to make a great save. Chivas had their first true opportunity of the game when Antuna made a run into the area and found Isaac Brizuela, but his shot went straight to Werner for the easy save. Seconds later the referee blew the whistle as San Luis took the 2-0 lead in a game they had completely dominated.

The second half started with Jose Juan Macias making his debut of the season after being subbed in for the struggling Alan Torres. San Luis would have the better start with constant counter attacks, including a good opportunity by Barrera, but his shot went wide. San Luis came close again when Ibañez got a free header on a corner kick and came inches from hitting the post. Then in a terrible miscommunication, Gilberto Sepulveda allowed a ball to reach the area so Gudiño got to the ball, but incredibly allowed Damian Batallini to get to the ball. Gudino knocked Batallini to the ground as he got to the ball and the ref gave a penalty kick. Ibañez took the penalty kick, and with a right footed shot, placed it past Gudiño for the 3-0 lead. Chivas looked in shambles especially on defense. Chivas tried to respond and subbed out Calderon, Mier, and Miguel Angel Ponce for Angel Zaldivar, Jesus Ricardo Angulo and Alejandro Mayorga. In seem to pay off when after a good pass by Angulo, Jose Juan Macias got the ball and entered the area and with a low right footed shot, got the ball past Werner to make it 3-1. San Luis immediately responded by subbing out Juan Castro for Jorge Sanchez. San Luis came close when Macias made a terrible clearance off a free kick cross and almost scored an own goal. Pablo Barrera looked to be injured and he had to come out of the game. Diego Pineda came in for him. In injury time, a ball got to bounce in the area for Angel Zaldivar, who had a terrible left footed shot go well wide. Later Zaldivar would get a cross but his header was deflected into a corner kick. Nothing came off the corner kick and the game ended with a clear win for Atletico San Luis and the shadows of discontent surrounding Chivas.

Atletico San Luis had their best performance of the season and took advantage of a poor Chivas to get their first win. After a good game in their opening away loss to America, they were a disappointing performance in a loss against Necaxa, where they had everything go in their favor. Tonight, on their first home game of the season, they played their best game and made Chivas look bad. Nicolas Ibañez kept giving great performances and it looks like a good preview of what could be a successful season. Chivas meanwhile gave their worst performance, and now have started off the alarms. It was a terrible display from Chivas defense with Hiram Mier especially giving a terrible performance. Chivas continue with their offensive woes and although it looks like the return of Macias will help, the team is still failing to produce many opportunities for him to score. Chivas will now have a must win game against FC Juarez at home or people will start talking about “crisis”. Atletico San Luis will have a tough test against current champions Leon but they will have a boost from this win.