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Chivas fires Luis Fernando Tena

Luis Fernando Tena is fired after only getting one point and having no goals scored by Chivas.

Santos Laguna v Chivas - Torneo Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX Photo by Armando Marin/Jam Media/Getty Images

Chivas became the first team of the 2020 Apertura to fire their head coach when they announced that Luis Fernando Tena’s tenure as coach of the team ended on Saturday after their loss to Puebla. Tena became Chivas’ coach in September 2019, but after less than a year his career in Chivas is done. Chivas only has one point after three matches, and in all three matches they were the lesser team. Chivas also has yet to score a single goal in the tournament. Although Chivas finished in second place of the preseason Copa GNP por Mexico tournament, their Liga MX results make this an unsurprising event. No word yet on who will replace Tena as coach.

Luis Fernando Tena became Chivas coach after the firing of Tomas Boy. While his debut wasn’t the best (a 4-1 loss against America in the only official Superclasico he coached), Tena turned things around and Chivas came close to qualifying to the Liguilla and probably would have made it had it not been because of Tomas Boy’s results. Chivas then did alright in the cancelled Clausura 2020, but it wasn’t outstanding. The terrible start in the Apertura 2020 spelled the end of Tena’s job, as Chivas had really played poorly and they were extremely lucky in getting their single point against Leon after Leon’s Angel Mena missed three clear chances, any of which could have given them the win. There is no word yet on who will be Chivas new coach and not even of who will be the interim coach, although speculation is on Alberto Coyote being named interim. Chivas has a game on Wednesday against FC Juarez and another on Sunday against Atletico San Luis.