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Puebla defeats a struggling Chivas, climbs into first place

Puebla defeated a Chivas side that went down a player by a score of 1-0, and are now tied in first place to the surprise of most people.

Chivas v Puebla - Torneo Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Puebla got a 1-0 win against a struggling Chivas to climb the leaderboard to be (at least at the time of this writing) in a tie for first place. Chivas went down a player when Alan Eduardo Torres got red card, but they struggled before and after the decision. Chivas has yet to score in the tournament, and have been dominated in all the games played in the season as they sit with just a single point. Meanwhile Puebla continues with a surprising performance so far in the season that has them tied on top with seven points, something most people didn’t think was possible before the start of the season.

The game started and it didn’t take long for Chivas to have a chance when a free header forced a stop from Puebla’s keeper Nicolas Vikonis, but it was ruled offside. Chivas took control of the game early on as Puebla struggled to even cross their own half. Yet for all the possession, Chivas couldn’t create much danger and eventually the game became more even. Chivas wasted a great counter when Jose Juan Macias took a long range shot instead of finding a wide open Uriel Antuna, and JJ’s shot went well wide. Then it looked like a game changing moment happened when Eduardo Torres stepped on Omar Fernandez’s foot and got a red card, leaving Chivas with 10 players. Chivas had to sub out Sebastian Martinez for Dieter Villalpando to try to set things right.

Isaac Brizuela then had a long range shot that went close, which could have been the best play he has had in a disappointing start to the tournament. Puebla had their best chance of the game when Omar Fernandez got the ball in the area, but his shot went straight into the hands of Chivas’ keeper Jose Antonio Rodriguez. The half ended after a very even and somewhat lackluster 45 minutes.

The second half started and once again Chivas came close when Brizuela made a pass that found Macias in the area, but his left footed shot went wide. Later it was Antuna who came close, but he couldn’t get to off a shot after getting to the ball in the area. It looked like things were going to change but then Puebla struck. A cross into the area found Santiago Ormeño, who did a great job of covering the ball. Ormeño then got off a great left footed shot past Rodriguez for the 1-0 lead.

Puebla had taken the lead and with a one more player than Chivas, looked prime to defend the lead. Chivas tried to respond and came close when a Jesus Sanchez header tried to find Macias in the area but it went wide. Chivas then made two substitutions when he subbed out Brizuela and Macias for Ronaldo Cisneros and Ricardo Angulo. The Macias substitution looked baffling, as it left Chivas without the best player so far in the game. Chivas tried to attack and it exposed them to Puebla counter attacks although they weren’t successful. Chivas had a chance when Christian Calderon got a long range shot but it was saved by Vikonis. Chivas made another substitution when they subbed out Antuna for Miguel Ponce. Off a corner kick, Amaury Escoto got a header that forced Rodriguez to make a great save. Puebla came close again when Brayan Angulo got a good run and then a left footed shot that went wide. Puebla later came close again with a shot from Daniel Ramirez that went wide. The game ended with Chivas never really threatening and Puebla came closer to a second goal that Chivas came to getting the tie.

The loss should leave Chivas reeling. Chivas has struggled since the start of the season and were lucky to get the single point they have after Leon was the better team and only tied because of bad finishing from their forward Angel Mena. Chivas has yet to score a goal and they looked lost out there. While it’s true that going down to 10 players really hurt the team, for all the dominating they did prior to that, they barely created much danger. With the strong rumors that Jose Juan Macias days in Chivas are numbered because of a possible move to Europe, it looks that things will get a lot worse in the offensive department for Chivas. Puebla meanwhile has looked great so far and got the deserving win. They will have another tough match away to Tigres but so far they are tied in first place and look Liguilla bound. Meanwhile Chivas will need to bounce back in their midweek trip to Ciudad Juarez, or Coach Luis Fernando Tena might not make it another week as head coach of the team.