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Leon defeat Monterrey in a game in rain soaked conditions

Leon got a 1-0 win with a late goal in game played in lousy field conditions.

Leon v Monterrey - Torneo Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX Photo by Leopoldo Smith/Getty Images

Leon got their first win of the season in a game where they overcame not only the rival but the terrible conditions on the field to get a 1-0 win. Incredibly heavy rainfall flooded the pitch before the game and forced the game to start 50 minutes late while the stadium’s crew tried to fix things. The game started well but it bogged down as the game continued and the field got ruined. As time went on, the muddy field got destroyed by the player’s cleats.

Monterrey was missing starting goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez and Dorlan Pabon, who were left off by the team after news came out that Gonzalez had a party for his birthday which Pabon attended, violating the COVID-19 rules. Monterrey will return home for a tough match against Santos, while Leon will have a tough match in their trip to Mexico CIty when they face Cruz Azul.

The first half started with the field greatly recovered after all the rain, and it didn’t take long for the first opportunity to happen. Miguel Layun took a free kick and the ball almost got deflected after hitting the wall, but it went right past Leon’s keeper Rodolfo Cota. Later Layun came close again with a long range shot that just went wide. After those, Leon came close a couple of times but none of them became as clear chance as Layun’s. Monterrey came close again when a shot by Rogelio Funes Mori in the area barely got cleared by a defender. Monterrey should have done better to open the scoring when a cross found a wide open Layun in the area but unlike past chances, he connected terribly with the ball and it went totally wide. Monterrey came close again when off a corner kick, Nicolas Sanchez came close with a header that just went wide. Leon responded with Jean Meneses getting a shot that went close to going in. Leon had the best chance of the game when Nicolas Sosa got the ball in the area, but his shot went straight to the post. After a very lively game, especially with the conditions of the field, the game surprisingly was scoreless at halftime.

The second half started with both teams keeping with the attacking spirit of the first half. Leon had the first good chance when Emmanuel Gigliotti got a ball in the area, but he headed it wide. As the half went on, the game became more even and the game lost a lot of offensive flair. Leon improved from the second half and took control of the game as Monterrey started to sit back. A scary moment happened when Celso Ortiz looked to be severely injured after a clash in the area, but he remained in the game only to be subbed out minutes later for Jonathan Gonzalez. Off a free kick, Nico Sanchez got a header that forced Cota to make a save. Leon later did the same when off a corner kick, William Tesillo rose to head the ball and it went close to a Leon player to reach it near the post for a tap in. The game continued very even and looking like a stalemate before a great individual play broke things open. Luis Montes grabbed the ball and from way outside the area took a great left footed shot past Monterrey’s keeper Luis Cardenas for the 1-0. It was a great shot that took Monterrey by surprise and Leon had taken the late lead with their first goal of the season. Monterrey tried to get a response but their level of play had wilted severely and they didn’t have a clear chance as the game ended with Leon holding on for the win.

Leon and Monterrey was set to be a great game, but the weather conditions hurt the level of play for both teams. Leon gets a key win as they outlasted Monterrey, but because of the lousy field it will be tough to get a reading of how they are doing. Monterrey meanwhile will have to question things after the disciplinary problems in the squad. The fact they were dominating and as they game continued, they started sitting back and doing worse, could also be a possible problem for Coach Antonio Mohammed. They will have a tough match at home in their next game, and the pressure will be on to get a result. Meanwhile Leon will have a very tough task against Cruz Azul in what should be a better measuring stick if the weather conditions cooperate.