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The epitome of irony: Mazatlán FC mock Atlético Morelia’s loss

The new Liga MX coastal city franchise, who stand dead last in the league table, made fun of its previous city’s new team losing a game

Mazatlan FC v Pumas UNAM - Torneo Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX Photo by Sergio Mejia/Getty Images

Amazing. Just when you thought you’d seen pretty much everything in the world of sports, Mexican Football doesn’t seem to let you down. Or in this case, Mazatlán FC, as we can’t blame the rest of the league for one team’s boldness; and that is definitely not said in a positive way.

Thanks to a complete bonehead miscommunication play between Iván Moreno and keeper Miguel Fraga on Monday night, Mazatlán FC gave away a last minute penalty kick with a tied 3-3 match, resulting in a converted penalty kick by Víctor Guzmán, giving Pachuca the definitive 4-3 lead in the match. This meant the purple and black had just lost its third out of six games thus far in this still young Guard1anes 2020 season. Their record shows a poor lone victory, per two draws and three losses, accounting for five total points, and the most highlighting fact, they stand 18th in the league table; in other words, DEAD LAST. Even lowly Atlas is above Mazatlán thanks to better goal difference.

After having drawn its first game of the season a week ago today, Atlético Morelia, now in Liga de Expansión, hosted and lost to Pumas Tabasco in its second game yesterday night by a 2-0 score. So, why would a Liga de Expansión match have anything to do with Mazatlán FC? Because just a couple months ago, the old Morelia morphed into the Mazatlán FC we know today, losing 70 years of history in the city of Morelia with the snap of a finger. But that’s not the end of it. Mazatlán FC’s social media account has been pretty snarky toward its old town since their birth, and they showed it by retweeting Pumas Tabasco’s victory tweet.

While there’s nothing wrong with harmlessly poking another team for fun which can help hype up certain matchups, when the last place of the league does it to any other team, it’s flat out silly. It’s irony in its highest expression. As to what they’re attempting to accomplish is unclear, with nobody laughing along.

The fact that Mazatlán FC’s social media account manager would dare post anything of the sort as they’re simultaneously the Liga MX’s chump status franchise through the first third of the season speaks volumes on this team’s management. Put the social media jokes away and save them for a time when you’re a league protagonist, not begging for a participation prize.

If they only placed as much attention on the field to putting together a respectable team as they do to pounding on a lower division team through social media no less, maybe they wouldn’t be one of the favorites to finish last in the “relegation” battle and could prevent embarrassments like the one we saw on Monday night in stoppage time.